Ramah News 06-13-19

  We had had a good service on Sunday. We had a visiting preacher

 Bro. Don Noble, who preached both services. Bro Keith is on vacation.

   Mattie Grace Carter and Joe White celebrated birthdays this week.

 We hope they have many more.

We added these people tp our prayer list: Elizabeth Crouch, Judy Agnew,

 Marshall Dover and Cindy Hughes.

   Bro. Don took his message from Acts 5:42. “And daily in the temple, and

in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.”  Our churches

 of today are changing their way of preaching. They are afraid of offending someone.

We should surrender our lives to Christ and follow him.

   Next Sunday will be Father’s Day. We will have a 5th Sunday this month. We will also be celebrating the birthdays for the month June.

The men are still having their prayer meeting on Tuesday mornings at 7:00. And the youth are having their meetings at 6:30 on Wednesday nights