Powerful Truth

The world is full of truth.  It is everywhere you look.  We see it, read it, think it and speak it.  Much of it is in the physical realm, seeable, touchable, knowable.  There is much in the moral realm that we must learn and realize and support.  Truth is powerful.

            We must learn that truth is tied to God.  Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life" (John 14:6).  Wherever you find truth you will find the presence of God working, witnessing and winning.  You cannot fight the truth.  You may deny it, ditch it, try to destroy it, but you cannot, because truth has its power and establishment in God.  God cannot be destroyed, defeated or legitimately denied. 

            The most important thing, first of all, is to know the truth.  Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32). There is so much truth that we cannot know, but we can certainly know some truth and we can certainly stand for what we know to be true.  People can certainly realize the truth of God's existence and acknowledge the wisdom of that great intelligence.  This is one of the practical truths being expressed in unique and creative ways today in the intelligent design movement.  This movement has angered many in both the secular and religious world because it contradicts so much that has been assumed falsely and “by faith” without proof or reasonable justification. 

            Wherever you find one who believes in God and who acts in harmony with such beliefs he should be encouraged and supported.  It was an anonymous poet who wrote,


"Seize upon truth where'er 'tis found

Among thy friends, among thy foes;

On Christian or heathen ground,

The flower's divine where'er it grows."


            Truth cannot have power in your life if you do not know it and stand for it.  If you deny it you will have no power now or in the future.  Search for truth, grasp it when you find it, express it faithfully when you know it and avoid its opposite—falsehood and lies.

            Then in the second place we must certainly realize the value of truth.  If we would realize the power of truth we must know the cost of it, the value of it.  Truth is valuable to all in the long run.  Every lie or deception is costly and hurtful.  Sorrows, disappointments, losses, heartaches and tragedies in life are the result of some falsehood, lie, half-truth that cannot be anything but a whole lie.  As I have said on other occasions, if you have a half truth, it is likely that you have and believe the wrong half!  If it isn’t “the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” it is a lie.  Our media has abandoned truth.  Most of our politicians and most of the media have attacked and continued attacking the duly elected president with total lies about the president colluding with Russia to decide the election for Trump.  The truth is President Obama and his administration colluded with Russia to sell them 20 percent of our uranium and the Russians, Putin included, enriched Hillary and Bill Clinton during the Obama’s administration with multiple millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.  Why not investigate that truth?  There is a vast difference in the lies attacking President Trump and the deceptions shrouding the work and position of the Clintons and Barack Obama. 

            Here is the truth about this awful situation in which we find ourselves.  Our Democratic Party suggestions on “Green New Deal,” the nationalizing of our health care and the federal management of education from the public schools all the way to the universities are leading us to enslavement and total control.  Some of our national political leaders are arguing that we must make radical changes to avoid “the end of the world” in ten or twelve years.  That is a lie!  That is not true.  Climate change or global warming are simply stupid ideas because there has been climatic cycles all through history.  Read the Bible.  Study the Great Flood that ravaged the world of man and you will recognize that man has survived.  These lies will rob all of us; profiting only those who control the wealth and have power.

            For the truth to be powerful it must be spread abroad.  This third element can be done in several ways--conversation (gossip), proclamation (sermons, speeches, lectures) and in print, pictures and publications.  Here are some texts to support this fact--"Then they that feared the Lord spoke often one to another, and the Lord hearkened and heard it; and a book of remembrance was written for them that feared the Lord and thought upon His name" (Malachi 3:16).  "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Matthew16:15).  "This shall be written for the generation to come and the people which shall be created shall praise thee" (Psalm 102:18).

            These are three ways that truth can become powerful, so powerful that it can bless and prosper and transform the whole world.  This is also the danger of falsehood--spoken, declared and printed it can also blight, burden and blast the world in any number of ways.  Mark what has happened to millions in the last century—Hitler, Stalin, Mao and many others have spoken and shared the lies that have damned millions to death, to failure, to hell and to defeat.  The new socialists (Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and all the others) are in the tradition of these malicious deceivers as they promote the lies of socialism.  The Devil is the chief liar and he is about promoting and fostering lies as “truth.”  We must learn to know the difference and how to find and communicate the truth.

            There is another quote regarding truth that is important in conclusion.  Truth has a life that is beyond anything that can assault or oppose it.  We should recognize and value what Paul, in a letter to the Corinthians, stated about truth –“You can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth” (2 Corinthians 13:8).  Even lies affirm the truth as they try to contradict it and supplant it. 

Let me hear from you on what you think about the truth and life.  What about truth?  What are your thoughts and ideas related to what is true? Share those with me at drjerryhopkins@yahoo.com .  You may also reach me by “snail” mail at Dr. Jerry Hopkins, P. O. Box 1363, Marshall, Texas 75671.  Dr. Jerry Hopkins is a historian and a retired university professor