Political Thinking

For some people there is great danger in thinking.  They don’t like to strain themselves intellectually or emotionally.  Politics have been much on people’s minds lately for a number of reasons, particularly in regards to taxation.  Obviously, the people have been thinking about the political trends in the country and the state of Texas with some candidates projecting to return the level of income taxation to “the wealthy” to 70 or 75 percent.  

            In Texas the spin by the governor and the other major leaders has been to emphasize a new sales tax in order to balance any property tax relief that might be given.  Think about what is involved in that, no certain promise that relief will come or will remain.  Don’t let the media or the political spinners twist what is happening, the budget is radically wrong and there has been no relief or reform in the system for taxing property.  More is coming!

            One thing that is coming is blame!  The damage and danger to our state, its economy, its social fabric and civil stability will be enormous.  We were promised change by our leadership, but no change has come—radical spending economically and politically is a reality.  The representatives and senators elected in recent elections have not been the change-agents many envisioned and hoped would become reality.  At the national level many of our leaders and their allies have drastically moved us toward socialized medicine, a socialist (if not a communist) economy.  We are moving toward a better situation nationally with a drastically-altered federal bureaucracy if the president and his allies have their way.  Some changes have been made in the courts.  People continue to flood Texas from high tax states bringing with them some of what has corrupted where they have left and with them we have the flood of illegal immigrants who are causing great economic stress.  Think about what is being said and consider the driving force of the grassroots revolt that is underway and will continue on taxation and illegals.  The people have only begun to speak.  The people have more to say and they will be heard in what remains of a free society.

            Think about the sweep that has occurred in elections at all levels.  It has not all been Democrats or Republicans because, to be honest, there are many good, conservative Democrats and a number of liberal Republicans (those called RINOs—Republicans in Name Only).  Unfortunately, some of the more liberal, hateful and unconstitutional political operatives were not defeated by their electorate, evidently those folks voting agree with increasing socialism, diminishing individual liberties, drastically increasing taxes, approving wasteful spending, and expanding government controls even though government has demonstrated its ineffectiveness and wastefulness.

            Politicians at all levels of government need to hear what the people are saying, not what the political spinners, the career politicians, are saying, and that is the declaration of the majority of Americans— no more taxes, no more government meddling, no more wasteful spending, no more government bureaucracy.  We want less taxation, less government, less spending, less regulation.  The travesty of the billions being poured into public education is a pay-off of the teachers’ unions and this large number of government employees whose influence reaches broadly and deeply in our state.  What our Republican politicians need to remember is that most of the leadership in these large groups were pro-Beto O’Rourke and Democrat overall.  What we will witness in the coming years is the waste involved in public education’s initiatives and efforts as a result of this budgetary boondoggle—increase in bureaucractic administrative staffs, declining student test scores, weakening of discipline and student management, and failure in security and safety across the state’s public schools.

            I’m alarmed that our Republican governor, lieutenant governor and house speaker have ignored the grassroots people and are determined to burden them with higher sales taxes with only a promise this will limit property taxes.  Such tax swaps have never worked and this one certainly will not.  We will remember this when the next election arrives.  With recent actions in the legislature there maybe some sense and reason arriving that will result in changes and taxing limits.

            A majority of Americans, particularly Texans, support what has made America great through our history—limited spending, limited (even reduced) taxation, limited government, free enterprise, liberty, reasonable security measures in our airports and on our international borders.  What a transformation would come if our leaders could agree on our elected president and let him lead as he wants.  What would have happened if those who opposed our past president had treated him as viciously and vile has many have treated this president?

I do not think that the president will change even with this enormous political defeat, a strong political message, a shout from an angry and politically-engaged citizenry determined to reject the kind of changes forced upon us.  This has not been a foolish, uneducated, in-experienced group of people who have voted their convictions.  The “Tea Party” movements are genuine grassroots movements.  They are thoughtful, politically-savvy, socially-unprejudiced, spiritually-alert, and intentionally-patriotic people.  Grassroots Americans believe in the United States of America and hold as a “sacred trust” our commitment to free enterprise, personal liberty, religious liberty, political integrity, individual liberty and anti-communist (the actual description of what is promoted today as “socialism” or socially responsible government), and limited/reduced taxation.

            What a new day this would be if the governor, lieutenant governor and our legislative representatives were to awaken to the commitments and convictions of the conservative majority bringing together such thinkers and advocates that can bring economic reason to our present situation.

            We need representatives and senators in Austin, and for that matter in Washington, who will stand-up for hard-working, tax-paying citizens and stop such insulting and abusive taxation.  We need to hold our elected folks to account in these matters.  Let me hear from you on what you think about thinking, elections, taxes and how to deal with such things. What do you think?  Share your thoughts with me at drjerryhopkins@yahoo.com.  You may also reach me by “snail” mail at Dr. Jerry Hopkins, P. O. Box 1363, Marshall, Texas 75671.  Dr. Jerry Hopkins is a historian and retired university professor