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  After such a beautiful warm week, we get a rainy Sunday morning. Sometimes I think God is testing us to see if the weather will keep us from attending church. Seems like some, fail the test. I realize some people were sick and other just couldn't make it. I hope the Lord don't decide to come back on a rainy Sunday.
   We had a few birthdays this week, they are: Brenda Agnew, Alex Bennett, Tiffany Sherrod, Keieigh Walker
and Teagan Overby. On our prayer this week we added: Tana Hargrove, Micheal Spurlock and Lisa Jones. We have Billy Shofner on our list. Bro. Shofner is someone I've been knowing for a long time. He started a church in Carthage, back a few years ago. I was only a teenager then. We started having church in an old house there on St. Mary Street. They built a church next door, which is now Northside Christian Academy. His daughter is married to one of the Jackson boys from Tenaha. Bro Billy, in my book is one of the best. A devoted man of God. 
   Bro Keith took his message from Daniel 3:17. This is one of my favorite stories in the Bible, about the three Hebrew Boys. Just as those three, we face compromises in our daily lives. We have to commit to who we believe in. If we believe in God in the good times, we have to believe in him when things go bad. We have to  stand up and say, I'll serve him no matter what. He is able to deliver us.
   Thursday, Betty, Becky and I rode to Carthage and ate at the Whistle Stop. They weren't as busy as usual maybe because we were early. We got to visit with Vicky and Patsy a little while. We came back to Betty's to play our game. Enjoyed coffee and a variety of desserts. As always we had a fun day.
   Saturday night was our Adult Christmas Party. We had a good time with -plenty to eat. Hubert Parkman told us a Christmas story. Some told of the Christmas they remember the most in their past. Back when some of us were young, times were hard. We appreciated what we got, if we got anything at all. Most kids today get more for Christmas than I got my whole childhood. We had something lots of kids don't have today, and I would rather have that, than all the presents in the world.
    This coming Saturday night will be our Youth Christmas party. On Sunday, we will have our Christmas program, that will be put on by the youth. Then on Wednesday night the 23rd we will be delivering our Christmas baskets and do a little caroling. The youth will have their annual Lock-in on the 30th in the Fellowship Hall. Wednesday nights at 7:00, the youth have their regular program. We have something for all ages, so if you don't have something going on that night, I'm sure they would love to have you.

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