When Sam turned 30 years old he went to see his folks.  When his momma knew he was coming she loved to fix a big meal for him.  She fixed his favorites.  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and potato salad.  She fixed him apple pie for dessert.

Down through the years everyone told Momma that she made a mean chocolate pie but Sam refused to eat them.  As she was preparing for her son’s arrival her curiosity began to grow.  Why wouldn’t he eat her award winning chocolate pie?  After some thought she decided that she would ask him.

When Sam arrived they sat down and ate.  As the apple pie was served Momma got up her nerve and asked him, “Son, I have something that I’ve been meaning to ask you.  Why don’t you like my chocolate pie?  I mean, after all of these years I’ve won ribbons at the fair with that thing.  Just curious.”

Sam told Momma, “I did try one when I was six years old and, no offense, that thing was awful.”  When he said that Momma and Daddy began to laugh.  “You mean that you have been afraid to eat Momma’s chocolate pie since that night?”  “Yep, that’s about the size of it.” Momma replied, “Son I put salt instead of sugar in that pie.  You didn’t hear your daddy and me talking and laughing about it.”

Sam missed a bunch of good chocolate pie experiences down through the years due to that first experience when Momma got salty.

Meeting folks can be like that.  I wonder how many friendships I’ve missed down through the years because my first experience with a new neighbor wasn’t all that great and I never gave them a second run.  We all have “salt” days and “sugar” days.    

Maybe they were feeling poorly or had a family member with a serious illness.  They may have gotten some bad news from the doctor, banker, or tax man that day.  There could have been an argument with their mate before they left the house that morning.  I mean doesn’t everybody deserve a second chance? 

Lack of understanding on our part can cheat us out of a lot of good chocolate pies and friendships.  That can happen when we visit a church for the first time too.  Churches have salt times and sugar times.  It makes sense when you think about it.  If individuals and families have salt and sugar days churches would have to have because a church family is made up of individuals. 

All I am saying is don’t cheat yourself out of good pies, friendships, and church families based on one trip.  Give them the benefit of the doubt.  You know every now and again we need folks to give us that graceful second look too.

Well, that’s all for now.  God loves ya’ll and I do too.

Yours truly,

The Piney Woods Country Apologist