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The Model House







I need to make this perfectly clear at the outset, I did not play with dolls or doll houses when I was a young boy.  However, when I was in the sixth grade at San Augustine, Texas Junior High, our homeroom teacher decided that we needed a class project to work on during the semester.  Mrs. Dan Lowe decided that our class should build a doll house, or a model home.  So she drew up some plans, much like an architect would do.


All the kids in the class were assigned certain projects to work on.  Some of the girls made tiny curtains, some put together small furniture, and some brought to the project some of their own doll house furniture.  The guys were assigned the task of the actual construction of the house.


Mrs. Lowe acquired some wood, and we all began our work.  The house had a removable roof so that the interior of the house could be examined.  It was approximately two and a half feet long and two feet wide.


All semester long, we worked on that model home.  Near the end of the project, my task was to hang wallpaper on the interior walls of the house.  Tiny pieces of carpet were cut to fit each room and were glued to the floor.  The home exterior was painted white, and the removable roof a dark blue.


The completed product was exhibited at the graduation exercise in May of 1950.  I have to admit that it was quite a hit with all the parents. Since I graduated from Junior High I do not recall ever seeing that model home again.  I do not know what happened to it. Perhaps Mrs. Lowe took it home with her as a remembrance of her class project.  Only one photograph is all that I have to remember our spring project of so long ago.  I must admit that it was a great learning experience and the only time that I played with a doll house.