Lying and Gambling

By Doug Fincher

Lying and Gambling


“Lie not to one another ….…”   Col. 3:9


Many called her Sister Richards…we grandchildren called her “Mama”.  She began preaching when she was eighteen years old and continued into her late seventies.  She played the organ, piano, guitar, and accordion….and she preached…. loud.   She was a sweet, kind, grandmother.

When some local businessmen   ran a contest to select a name for their newly formed Insurance Company, Mama told Paw- Paw she had the winning name.  She submitted “The Ideal Insurance Company”, and it did win.  And for years, every time I drove through Kirbyville, Texas on Highway 96 and see that sign, I’d think of Mama and the $100 that she’d won.

A few years ago, I mentioned this story to my Aunt and she laughed, “Henry Doug, actually Paw Paw got the credit for that name.”  “Mama told him to say it was his idea, ‘so my church members won’t get me for gambling’”.

I know Mama meant well, but apparently she didn’t know the definition of “lying” any better than she knew the definition of “gambling”.