Lupus List: Have grandbabies


I know it might seem silly to some that having grandkids is on my Lupus List but a little over six years ago my family suffered a devastating loss when my first grandchild, Emma, died in utero. I am not sure what was worse, hearing she had passed away or her funeral. It was a very hard loss for everyone in my family. Losing Emma caused a big change in me. I stopped causing my own battles and focused on living a life for God. For 5 years I prayed every day for God to bless me with a grandchild. As the years passed by, I never gave up hope of one day having a grandchild and watching him or her grow up. On my hardest days is when I became even closer to God. In 2017 the Lord blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter named Adelyne. I don’t think I ever felt so much love as when I first saw her. It might have taken several years but God delivered in the most beautiful way. Then this past Christmas Eve, He blessed me again when my grandson, Owen B, was born. I never once doubted God and stayed faithful to Him. Psalm 34:17-18 says that when we cry out to God, He will deliver us and will heal our broken hearts. I kept that promise in my heart and let it grow. When I look at Adelyne or Owen B I can see that promise come to life. I think this is one of my most favorite things to cross off my Lupus List. Y’all stay blessed and never give up on your dreams.