Lupus List Crown of Glory


Like most women I have had every haircut and hair color known to mankind. I have worn my hair super short and super long. I prefer somewhere in the middle but having Lupus has made it difficult to maintain my longer hair. Somedays its even hard to wash it. Thankfully I have a loving husband who helps me wash my hair on my bad days. A month or so ago I thought it would be easier on me to cut my hair short again. Broke my heart because it would have been just one more thing that Lupus had taken away from me. I told my husband I was going to cut it off because it was too hard to blow dry and style. That’s when he volunteered to learn how to dry my hair. My super fabulous hairstylist, Stephanie Stiles, took time out of her busy day to show Billy how to dry and style the back of my hair. Both make my heart smile. They have both allowed me to keep my “Crown of Glory”.

The Bible is full of references about a woman’s hair. I do not believe a woman must have long hair to have a Crown of Glory. I feel this way for numerous reasons but mostly because certain illnesses or their treatments can cause hair loss. Is a woman not full of Glory if she has no hair or short hair? Certainly not. There are things in this life that are beyond our control. We don’t get to always choose what happens with our bodies. Our Crown of Glory should not be about hair nor should our hair represent us. Our crown and testimony should be what is in our hearts. No one will be turned away at the pearly gates because of no hair or short hair. The Lord sees what is on the inside far more than our outward appearance. He is concerned more about our salvation than the length of our hair. Just like we should be. Do all things in Christ and you will be blessed.