Lupus Life

I hope everyone came out and had fun during Frontier Days. The parade was my favorite part! Being out in the direct sun did a number on my Lupus but it was worth it. I was super proud that the Cowboy of the Year float won 1st place! All of us at East Texas Press would like to thank y’all for your continous support. It’s the citizens that make Frontier Days the huge success it is. I heard more than one person say this year’s parade was one of the best ever. I am so proud to have played a small role in it. I am already looking forward to next years Frontier Days! I want to take the opportunity to thank my husband Billy. He always shows up for me and makes sure I am ok. I honestly don’t remember most of Saturday afternoon/evening because I had gotten too hot. I slept most of the afternoon and into the night. If you saw me on Saturday smiling and laughing, please don’t think that’s how things usually are. Behind the smile was someone barely hanging on but could not let my friend down. I would spend 100 days in a Lupus flare if it meant being able to support a friend. When God puts me on a path, I will stay on it until He leads elsewhere. So, I will continue to fight for change in our county even if I wind up in bed for a few days, I will not stop until our county is a safer place to live. Support our commUNITY and love thy neighbor.