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Happy Mothers Day, a couple of days late all of your mothers that are reading this. 


When thinking back on my childhood, and some great memories with my mom, especially Sunday morning, I remember just making it to church was a mere act of God! 


Do you know what I'm talking about?


Mom, I'm sorry if your reading this article right now, totally throwing you under the bus. Too funny. Seriously though, it was like World War 3 every Sunday morning! From the battle of getting all of us kids up, and clothes on.

And the always running late, mascara in the car, while driving, and not wrecking! It was a miracle we survived.

Love you, MOM!

 I really do, she’s the best, and has always been there for me and my siblings and still is!

Of course, mothers day made me think of some quite hilarious mother/baby stories.


 Probably the best one that I personally have experienced was with my sister and niece when I was younger. 

We had just gone on a little vacation, and my niece was pretty young, still in diapers! We were vacationing in Orlando Florida!

It was evening time, so what better place to eat then The Rain Forrest Cafe! Ever been there? Pretty awesome decor, but terrible food!

 We were just finishing up dinner, and my brother and I were making jokes about the young kids sitting next to us, that were on what appeared to be their very first date when all of the sudden there was an unbearable smell. 

This smell cleared up a stuffed nose in a fraction of a second. Anyways, my sister looks down at my niece, and realized she had a full diaper! As she got up to pick her up and change her diaper, the stuff inside was no longer solid, and began leaking all over everything! Literally, the solid flow was like a water faucet on full blast.

 Being in the middle of a jam-packed restaurant it wasn’t long before everyone turned and watched this poopacolypse happen before there very own eyes.


 Smelly poo leaked the entire way to the bathroom, as for me and my brother just laughed, while plugging our noses. 


Need be, I don’t think that kid got a second date!


Happy Mothers Day!