Hats, Tats, & Chats with Preacher T

 I had just turned 18, it was the year 2003. I decided it was time for me to be a man. It was time for me to fulfill the dreams of getting that tattoo on my arm, get that ink. I walked into that tattoo shop, and I had been eyeballing that piece on the wall, the beautiful picture of Jesus. I was a Christian, so it was the Christian tattoo thing to do, right? My parents hated the thought of tattoos and most people looked down on people with tattoos back then, and that's understandable, considering most people that had tattoos were either in prison, the Navy (I thank you all for serving), or just a straight up rebel! It really wasn’t that long ago, but in the last 5 to 10 years they have become extremely popular, to where we start getting used to seeing them. Anyhow that wasn’t the case when I got my first tattoo. It came down nearly to my forearm, it was huge! When I had a short sleeve shirt on you could see part of it sticking out, and I remember being in Walmart and while shopping, I felt someone lifting up my shirt! Yes, a lady came up and lifted up my shirt! No hello, or excuse me, just went for it, because she wanted to see what it was. If I remember correctly, she made some kind of remark like, “Why would you do that”? Perhaps by now your wondering, why are you telling us about your tattoo of Jesus? I am telling you this because I have many more tattoos than that one, and tattoos are a part of those that have them. Tattoos tell a lot about someone, and a lot of times people with tattoos put their feelings and emotions literally on their sleeves. I know I do, and by the way, I'm not trying to get into a big debate with anyone about their beliefs, or personal preferences on tattoos, but I do want to share one awesome thing about the tattoos I have. 


 I have one question first, Do you believe God can use anyone and anything to reach someone? I do, and many times in my life I have been considered an outcast because of the way I look. I have been written off, lost out on jobs, and even had to cover up my skin in able to have a job. However, I am now a senior minister serving the Almighty God, with my hands covered in ink, He is using me to further His Kingdom! I cannot count the number of times I have been able to share the Gospel, and talk about God to people covered in tattoos, that have a past of being in prison, the very same people that many others are afraid to talk too simply because of the way they look. I believe it is easier for them to talk to me because they can see the ink, and immediately have something relatable. God has used me, and my ole tatted body, to grow His church body, and He’s not done yet! The next time you see someone with tattoos I would encourage you to reach out and talk to them, and ask them their story! I think you will be pleasantly surprised that they will be happy to tell you all about them, and you never know, God might give you the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them!