Got Questions?

Why Church?

The question that was presented to me is as follows, “Why do we even have or need to go to church? If we have been saved, isn’t that enough?”

This is a question that many people ask, whether out loud or within their own mind.  I do think this question probably comes from many people who have never been to a church or have not been in church in a very long time.  When one comes to church it can seem very awkward.  One might even think that they will not have anything in common with “church” people.  Or one may feel like they are going to be “judged” by those who are in the church. Let me say this:  those thoughts are two lies that the enemy will try to use to get a person to not go to church. A church, if they are following the Lord, will be open, receptive, and welcoming to new people coming to the church.

“Why church?” is because it allows you as a believer to be able to associate with others who are walking down a similar spiritual path. When you come to salvation, you are adopted into God’s family and that means that Jesus and all other believers are your brothers and sisters and God becomes your loving, heavenly father.

So really, churches are a gathering place where the rest of the family meets to discuss, learn, and worship together.  Church is a place you can come whether you have had a bad week and need some encouragement, or a good week and need to be the one encouraging others. It is a place where you can ask tough questions, and just like this article, hopefully get some answers.  Church is a place where you can be challenged in your walk and grow to become a stronger follower of Jesus Christ.

Church is also a place to come when you are struggling with things. As a matter of fact, Jesus says, “I’ve not come to call the righteous (those who think they’ve got their lives sorted), but sinners (those who realize that they haven’t got their lives sorted)” (Luke 5:32). If we understand that, then we won’t look down upon one another, because we will realize that we are all sick people and we all need God’s help. We don’t always get this right as churches, and you may be someone who feels burned or hurt by your own church experience.

I have been in churches, just like First Baptist Church Timpson, where people have understood these kinds of truths about putting Jesus and His teaching first.  We are to be communities that are like families who love one another, and that recognize that we are spiritually sick. When you realize that, it’s an incredible experience.

So, to answer the question, yes, church is a place you should go to and be a part of.  We at First Baptist Church Timpson, would love to have the opportunity to show you what a loving and caring church is all about.   I hope this helps as you search for a place to learn and grow in your faith!!  If you would like to submit a question to be answered, please email it to:  For more extensive answers, please join our Wednesday night Bible studies where we will address these questions and many others that pertain to faith and life. At First Baptist Church Timpson on Sundays we have Sunday School and Life Groups @ 9:30am and worship @ 10:45am and 6:00pm. On Wednesday we have our fellowship meal @ 5:15pm and Bible study groups start at 6:00pm for all ages Kingdom Kids (PreK-5th grade), Youth (6th - 12th grades), and adult. FBC has a place for you and we would love for you and your family to come, worship together, and grow.  When you need us, you can contact us at (936)254-2220 or send us a message through Facebook or on our website at  Our address is 715 N. 2nd St, here in Timpson, TX.

In Christ,
Bro. W. Dee Daniel