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Who Sinned First?

Who sinned first? This question was given to me about the sins of satan, Adam, and Eve. “When did he sin? When did the first sin occur in relation to Adam and Eve’s sin? Because it seems like he sinned before Adam or Eve and if he did then why did Adam’s sin affect all humans?”

To address this question, we must first look at the idea that most people have that Adam was the first sinner. We make this assumption when looking at Romans 5:12 where we read, “Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned.” This just shows us that Adam’s sin was what affected all of us, but it does not necessarily mean that he sinned first. 1 Corinthians 15:45 speaks about the first Adam and then about Jesus Christ being the last Adam. So with this in mind, I want to address the three persons involved here, their sin, and where this leaves us.

The first “person” I want to address is satan. Satan was a created angel and because of pride and jealousy, he led a rebellion against God. You can read Ezekiel 28:15-17 and Isaiah 14:12-14 to see the larger picture of this. In doing so, satan sinned against God, so he and his followers were cast out of heaven. This is where we see him come and deceive Eve and Adam. So, if you think about timing, this was actually the first sin ever committed. So the question becomes, “Why didn’t this cause the fall of mankind?”  

Second, we need to look at Eve. We can see by reading Genesis chapters two and three that Eve made several glaring mistakes. The mistake that I want to concentrate on for this article is the one that is the most problematic. In her discussion with satan, Eve changes the meaning of the word “die.”  In what God said, by looking at the Hebrew text, was that they would “begin the dying process.”  When Eve speaks, she uses the word that means “to die immediately.”  This is not what God said! Eve makes God into something to mean an overbearing God, which He isn’t! After this Eve then eats of the fruit, sinning against God; becoming the second sin. Again, why didn’t this cause the fall of mankind?

Thirdly, we need to look at Adam. We need to understand that Adam created a problem before eating of the fruit. The problem was that he failed his responsibility that God gave to him. The command to not eat was not given to Eve, but to Adam! This is important because once Adam sinned and ate, then that becomes the reason that sin entered the world as a whole. Through that, sin has run amuck ever since. Think about it like this, every one of our lives came from Adam, including Eve’s. Therefore, the sin nature has been passed down from him to every one of his offspring!

So, the to the question that was posed at the beginning: satan sinned first, then Eve, and then Adam, but it was Adam’s sin that caused the fall of mankind and puts us in the position we in are today. But also know that God had a plan before He created anything (knowing this would happen) through Jesus Christ coming to be our sacrifice and redeemer.

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In Christ,

Bro. W. Dee Daniel