Good Hope



I grew up carrying a pocket knife.  I used it as a tool.  I cleaned wild game with it. I cleaned under my fingernails with it.  I used it on the farm to strip wire, tighten screws, and anything else that came up.  I carried it to school. I sharpened my pencil with it.  It was my pocket companion for all of life’s necessities.  Many places don’t want you to carry one on their property any more.  Schools forbid them.  Some other public buildings have banned them.  Many folks are uncomfortable with their children owning and carrying them.  Two things taught me how to use mine properly.  Older folks and my own mistakes in the form of nicks and cuts.  So is a pocket knife a good or a bad thing?  I would submit to you that it is a good thing.  It only becomes bad when I misuse it.  God gave us all of the materials to make pocket knives.  He gave us the knowledge to make them.  Everything God makes is good.  He gives us free choice.  The gift of free choice is good since it comes from God.   It would not be “free” choice if it was forced.  Consequently I do have the freedom to misuse my freedom.  Freedom and pocket knives.  Both are good gifts from God. We can use them for God’s glory and our good or misuse them to His great displeasure and our detriment and shame.  The gifts are God’s.  The choices are ours.

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