Going Deeper with God in Love - Four Blessings of Easter: Luke 24:36-48

Going Deeper with God in Love

Four Blessings of Easter
Luke 24:36-48

I will take an additional two weeks to share with you another study about Easter.  Holy week begins the Sunday before Easter, on the day we know as Palm Sunday.  Then through the next several days, Jesus prepared to go to the cross and make the payment for the world’s sins.  On Friday, the plan of forgiveness began its final stages as Jesus was taken from the mock trials and nailed to the cross where He died just before sundown. His body was taken down and put into a borrowed tomb where He remained until Sunday.  Then, as you know, several ladies went to the tomb and found it empty. Later, as the disciples started to leave Jerusalem, heading to their respective homes, we gain some insight during an encounter that Jesus had with two men headed to Emmaus. In this encounter, there are “Four Blessings of Easter” that we can see. This week, we will look at the first two blessings.

The first “Blessing of Easter” that we see is the “Blessing of Peace.” In verse 36 we see, “Now as they said these things, Jesus Himself stood in the midst of them, and said to them, ‘Peace to you.’”  Much like today, with the coronavirus and the uncertain days that we live in, Jesus knew His followers were confused and frightened. So, Jesus says, “Peace to you.” Peace of mind is something that every one of us seeks and longs for.

We live in such a troubled and chaotic world.  We look around and there seems to be turmoil and unrest everywhere we turn!  Peace comes in our life when we realize that through Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection we are forgiven and that we have already passed from death unto life and will never stand before the judgement seat of Christ.

We must understand that peace means the grave is not the end of life, but is a transition from a world of death and pain and sorrow to one of calm, serenity, assurance, and confidence with the Lord.  By receiving Easter’s “Blessing of Peace,” we know that whatever the Prince of Peace brings into our lives will work out for our good.

The second “Blessing of Easter” that we see is the “Blessing of Joy.”  In verse 41, Jesus says, “But while they still did not believe for joy, and marveled, He said to them, ‘Have you any food here?’” Another translation says that “they still did not believe because of joy and amazement.” The disciples were surprised by joy; they felt the resurrection was nearly too good to be true; overcome with grief, they are now overwhelmed with joy.

Jesus gave His disciples time to let the reality of His resurrection sink in and then He asked for something to eat. It was then that they realized that He was truly alive. Joy is a companion to peace. Joy is a natural by-product of peace. Joy does not happen outside of troubles, but it helps us overcome our concerns while in troubles. Joy is not the absence of sorrow; God gives us joy in the midst of sorrow.

Too often we tend to want God to change our circumstances when instead He wants to change our character. How many of you have prayed for this virus to be over? But have you prayed, “God, will you show us what we need to learn through this, so it can be over?” This second prayer is a prayer for our spiritual growth and Christian character growth!  Joy that comes from God enriches our lives, causes us to grow spiritually, and enables us to feel secure even when our circumstances are shaky.

How do you stand with the Lord? Do you have peace through salvation, and are you experiencing His joy? If not, would you consider doing so today? As we continue to go through these difficult times as churches and as a society, we can have peace and joy. I pray that the Lord will give you peace and joy in these coming weeks. If there is anything you believe that we at First Baptist Church can do to help you, would you please let us know?  You can contact use at the church at (936)254-2220 or through email at firstbctimpson@yahoo.com

In Christ,

Bro. W. Dee Daniel