From the Desk of Travis Clardy

A Note from Travis

The close of the 86th Legislative Session is less than one month away, and the Texas House and Senate are working at full speed to pass a balanced the state budget, provide tax relief to property owners, and reform our school funding formulas.


The House also recently passed Senate Bill 2, the Texas Taxpayer Transparency Act. This bill will empower taxpayers and voters by giving them more of a say in the property tax rate-setting process. The bill also lowers the rollback rate to 3.5% for most taxing units and 2% for school districts. Senate Bill 2 also institutes an automatic November ratification election when a taxing unit adopts a property tax rate exceeding the rollback rate.


I recently passed two bills that represent district priorities, 2nd Amendment rights and school safety. House Bill 3231 was passed by the House; it updates our preemption laws and reinforces the state's supremacy on all gun laws. This bill was inspired by the recent overreach of municipalities and counties who are infringing on the rights of Texans as they buy and sell firearms. I also passed House Bill 4342, which would add an architect to the Texas School Safety Center Board of Directors. This addition will help provide the board with valuable insight to design safer and more efficient schools.


On a recent weekend trip to House District 11, I visited the Alto Community and met with local leaders to get an update on the storm recovery process. We are doing all we can in Austin to work with Governor Abbott's office to provide assistance and coordination for recovery as fast as possible. 


God bless Texas,

Travis Clardy

State Representative, House District 11

Capitol Spotlight:

East Texas was recently hit hard by severe weather. I toured Alto in Cherokee County to assess damage and recovery efforts. Please keep the people affected by the storms in your prayers, and more importantly, find a way to donate or help in this time of need.