All the small things. 

 I have to admit, I didn’t always listen to Christian music. The music I liked was heavy stuff or punk rock music. So my favorite pop-punk band was Blink 182, and they had a song called All the small things. Those four words, all the small things is what I want to focus on. As Christians, we don’t always count all of the small things that God has blessed us with. If you woke up today that's a blessing. What would be some of the small things in your life? For others, its huge things, like overcoming cancer, thanks to the Lord, but for others its being able to walk, being able to read, to drive, to run. The meat of the question I want to ask you is, How has God blessed you? If you can think about the first time you heard about Jesus, maybe it was an invitation to church, maybe as a child, maybe stepping into a church or a friend from school. For me, it was when I was a small little child, and we went to a little church in the middle of nowhere. I remember sitting in those hard, old pews and staring at this picture of Jesus praying on a rock. One Sunday, I decided I was going to draw that picture, which was probably a lithograph, on the bulletin. My mom said it was really good, but what mom wouldn’t right? 

 The thing is, this memory has stuck with me, and it was the first time that I really remember something about Jesus, and it was a manmade image, but it stuck. Things stick, small things stick. This small thing about drawing Jesus has a huge part of who I am today. Seeds were planted, and I am sure it was more than that image, but it was probably bits and pieces that the preacher was preaching that I wasn’t even aware of my listening of Jesus. Don’t look over the small things in life, take advantage of the opportunities God has blessed you with! All of these small things come together and add up into who you are. God has us here for a reason, you have a purpose, so make sure you thank Him for blessing you with each blessing He has given you!