Things to Consider - March 25, 2020

During the years since our Lord Jesus Christ has left this world and taken His place at the right hand of His Father the content of the Holy Bible was penned by Jesus ‘ followers. It took many years for them to compose the letters to the churches and Gods people which were scattered abroad. Many letters were written during seventy plus years. In 1611 King James of England authorizes the letters to be combined as the New Testament including the scrips from the [ Tanakh] known as the Hebrew Bible. Many letters were considered for the New Testament. Scholars took great care translating the content of the Hebrew Bible and the letters to come up with Authorized Version of Gods word. This translation became known as the King James Bible. The Bible being translated into early English has lost some of the full meaning concerning some of scriptures because some of the English words carry a slight difference in the meanings compared to the Hebrew or Greek words originally penned by authors. The King James Bible seems to be the best translation that I have found. What I want to draw your attention to is that many prophesies have come to pass. Please consider Revelation the fifteenth chapter. This chapter tells of the seven last plagues. The earth has already had six great plagues, 1. the plague of Justinan, AD541 estimated 25 million died. 2. The Black Death, 1347 over 50 million died. 3. The Italian Plague of 1629-31, 280,000 died. 4. The Great Plague of London around 80,000 died. 5. The Great Plague of Marseille 1720 roughiy100,000 died. 6. The Third Plague Pandemic1950’s 15 million died. These plagues devastated nations we now have a new plague one the doorsteps all over the world. Point is we all should take this plague to heart and do our part in stopping it. If the whole world will be vigilant in prayer it can be stopped. But if this plague is one spoken of through prophesies then we must repent and follow God. I must tell all that we as Christians shouldn't have to have a threat come into our lives in order for us to do the right thing. I think that our Lord would rejoice if we as Christians would offer prayers daily, and not mainly when someone is sick or hurt or even when we are at our lowest places in life. Our prayers don’t have to be formal or even out loud. Just be respectable and talk to him, tell Him your needs and tell Him that you trust in Him and always will.  As always respectfully yours, Roger and Donna Harding.