Hats, Tats, & Chats with Preacher T: Was Jesus White?

Was Jesus white? I think when we really think about it, we all would conclude that the Son of God, physically was middle eastern. More than likely Jesus had an olive skin color while here on Earth. Perhaps, you are now wondering why I am talking about the skin color of Jesus? Well, to be honest, since moving to Texas I have had more people tell me about certain churches not allowing certain races inside of their churches. I've got to say, this crushed me, and simply made me mad! Who are we to say who can worship God? Do we attend a church to learn, and grow; or is it to do our "holy time"? Is it a country club, filled with those who say who gets in or out? If you think that way I believe you will have a rude awaking awaiting you when your time is up here on Earth!

  Believe it or not, I say this out of love because I want every church congregation to continue to grow and win souls for Christ. Back to my race rant, what is race anyway? There is only one race, which is the human race! In conclusion, when we all get out of our comfort zones, and realize that there really is no such thing as the "white" Jesus, and put our focus on being the church that we are called to be, skin color will no longer be an issue. Every church in East Texas will be filled, and people will take the love of God to our streets, cities and communities. However, until each of us lay aside our own pride, and preferences and long for God's will, then know that the devil will take full advantage of sneaking in the church doors, in some cases even without a disguise. The final question is, are you okay with that?