Food for Thought The Star of Hope:  A Journey to Christmas


This sermon series is based on the four Sundays of Advent. Advent is the celebration of the coming of Jesus Christ to the earth in the form of a babe.  The Advent celebration is one of those areas that many Christians aren’t sure about. It is thought to have originated from the Reformation. What I want you to see in these four weeks is that there is a star of Advent and Christmas and that star is Jesus Christ. I also want you to see what bearing Jesus has or should have on your life. It is a tradition in each week of Advent that there is a candle lit that represents a thought.

The first week, a candle is lit to represent Hope.  The aspect that we need to see is that we must put our hope in the Lord. We live in a day and age where we place our hope in politicians, money, friends, family, the lottery, church members, the pastor and many other things. But we must understand that these things will fail us at some point. The only sure place to put our hope is in the Lord. That is why we see in scripture that Jesus is called Emmanuel, “God with us,” so we can trust that He is with us.

The second aspect of hope that we need to see is the potential that hope brings. Think about this:  it is entirely appropriate for Jesus Christ, who is the hope of the world, to have come in the form of an infant, because babies are hope personified. Babies are pure potential. Babies lives are all in the future. Babies can be anything they want to be in life. I can still remember my thoughts when my daughter Candra was born.  Looked down at her in my arms and thought, “Here’s this new life, so full of potential. She can grow up to be anything. Anything is possible.” That is exactly the hope the Lord gives us through Jesus Christ. That is exactly the feeling that those in Bethlehem felt and that is what we need to see today!  Jesus Christ is Hope personified!

The third facet of hope that we need to get a grasp of is that hope is sure. When you get a grasp of the hope the Lord offers then you can know God loves you. Then you can see that it is based on a firm conviction that God cares for you. Then you can see it is based on the assurance that God wants to be with you. Someone once said, "We can live forty days without food, eight days without water, four minutes without air, but only a few seconds without hope."

Where is your hope today? Is it wrapped up in the expectations of a gift under a tree? Is it lost in the darkness that surrounds your life? Do you live for the moment? Or do you look down the road to Jesus, our living hope? Jesus is available to all, but this living hope must be claimed.

If you are looking for hope, it can be found in Jesus Christ and we at First Baptist Church would love to help you with it. Come and be our guest through the remainder of this sermon series and hear for yourself. On Sundays, Sunday School starts at 9:30am, morning worship at 10:45am, and evening worship at 6:00pm.  We are located at 712 N 2nd St. in Timpson.

In Christ,
Bro. W. Dee Daniel