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Chapter to Chapter: This, Now


     If writing is anything at all, it’s a time capsule.  It’s the thoughts and reflections of a moment of time, affected by current events, shaped by personal events, and influenced by the barrage of emotions that fill any year, week, or hour in time.  We can read the Declaration of Independence and from Jefferson’s own words, figure out exactly the mood of the American colonists. We can read Homer’s “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” and get a feel for how ancient Greeks viewed the world.  We can read the speeches of US Presidents and analyze how thinking and use of words have changed over 240 years.   We can (attempt to) read The New York Times and clearly interpret the slant and bias predominant in our modern world. Speaking of our modern world, I don’t know what historians will label this particular time period, if there are indeed historians in the future, and not just post-Republic propaganda robots filtering out facts as if they were textbook authors.  Wait a minute.  I think I just repeated myself. No, I know I did. 

     In any case, I have many ideas about what this particular chapter in history may be called, some that are accurate and some that are more likely to be ones the pseudo-historians choose.  Of course, it all depends upon who those historians are. For many, many years, the keepers of the Gate of Ivy-League Academia have well-guarded their power, making sure that certain people with certain points of view have had exclusive control of the relating of history and the interpretation of history.  In no time in history has it been more evident that a certain point of view over ANY random topic is the one that is “accepted” and that to dare to deviate from the narrative means certain rebuke, threats, ostracism, and violence. Our current struggle isn’t what it appears to be.  It’s nothing like what it appears to be.  Almost all the people spewing hatred, insulting others, and screaming like bantam roosters, all the people most of us read on Twitter or get angry at on Facebook or yell at in our living rooms, almost, almost all of them are like we are, victims.  Yes, I said victims.  I’m not talking about the kind of victims that whine about their lot in life and expect something for nothing.  Yes, those people exist in every walk of life.  And yes, they are exhausting.  I’m suggesting that all of us, regular people of every walk of life, no matter age or gender or race or geography or lifestyles are victims of a small, quiet group of people who basically use us for our manpower, stir us up to hate one another, plot scenarios, manipulate trade and currency, and even dictate our media and entertainment, so that they can make more and more and more money and maintain power.  It sounds like a conspiracy theory; however, when it’s no longer a “theory,” you’re left with a solid, plain, real conspiracy.  And we know those exist. And effective people die when they buck the system. 

     No, I’m not getting into some discussion of the Illuminati or the Deep State or a political cabal.  What I AM saying is that we are better than this, all of it.  Most people I know are good people.  Most people like and care for others.  Most people I know in real life get along with each other.  Sure, there are some real idiots, morons, creeps, and villains, but in most cases, society, bit by bit weeds them out.   People know who they are.  And sadly, in a system in which people have to be proven guilty before they are escorted out of public society, such a journey can take a while.  But, those people aside, and they are indeed few, most people care for each other, would feed each other, would help each other, would risk danger for each other, and actually, gasp, like each other—when their emotions are not being shoved through the political and social filters like a carrot in a food processor.  No matter your stance, when you’re finished, you’re just carrot juice.  People are tired of being made to feel as if they are not important or as if they are treated worse than others or as if they are bad people or as if they cannot be trusted.  The list goes on and on, and the grievances are REAL because they are felt. They are real.  But it’s not coming from their regular everyday Americans.  It’s not.  It’s being stoked for political purposes.  The more we can be made to hate each other, they more likely we will need a political party or group or leader to save us from each other.   Those people in such political power need for us to be fueled by hatred so that we will need them; the vampire class lives off the blood of the masses. 

     Are we going to continue day after day, year after year, and decade after decade to allow a few close sets of friends, friends of friends, families of friends, money and power and disdain, people who make every major decision about finance, politics, media, education, and entertainment to manipulate us and every generation to come?  I ask you sincerely to stop the Tweeting and the posting for a few days and just start reading, searching, looking at who makes decisions.  Who is in what position?  Who are they married to?  Who are they friends with?  What organizations are they members of?  Then, go to the organization’s websites.  Don’t just look at the name of an organization and think, “Oh, what an intelligent-sounding name?”  Go to their site and take TIME to READ their goals.  You may be surprised.  You make walk away thinking, “Wait.  That’s horrible!  They believe that? I can’t let any of my money support THAT agenda!”  Read for yourself.  And realize that there really is, there really, really is, a small group of close-knit pals who are running everything that there is.   That revelation, that truth then makes you see all the normal, everyday people around you differently.  We should not hate each other.  We are all being used as we have been for many, many years. 

     Everyone I know is either viciously angry or nearly clinically depressed right now.  People are tired of everything they see, everything.  They’re irritated.  They feel as if they cannot voice their opinions.  People from every walk of life are just upset, frustrated, and angry.  Although it may sound way too simplistic at this moment, this pathetic, disgusting, vomitus moment in history, but we need to stop and use the gift of love.   We should look at every single person we meet, even those often-disgusting talking heads on TV, and realize that every single one of them is a human being with a past, with hurts, with feelings, with pain, with families, with accomplishments, with sins, with everything we have.  And that person is loved by God, just the way He made them, and He made them just as they are because He wanted them that way.  I’m not saying that God is happy with everything we do.  In fact, these days, He’s probably not happy with much that we do.  However, He loves every single person, even those we want to punch in the face.   He loves them just as much as He loves you and me.  Once we see that others around us have been duped by the world system, too, it makes it a lot easier to realize that we’re really on the same side. 

     And we also need to realize that even as hellish and putrid as 2020 is on many levels, we have this moment, this year, this month, this day, that will never return.   None of us will ever be this young again.  All of us are aging, second by second, on the way to a grand exit.  We should hold these moments dear and try to make them better, letting those we love know that we love them, doing things we can, trying to quell our anger and bitterness, and trying to reach out to our fellow man.  I honestly think we can redeem the time.  We can refuse to be puppets in a financial marionette show in which we are let known in no uncertain terms that we must think and do as we are told and that for any deviation, our lives, our families, and our jobs will be at stake.  That’s not freedom.  That’s not America. 

     At our core, we are about each other, protecting each other’s liberty, supporting each other’s rights to soar to the heights we can dare to reach.   Without love, though, it’s empty.  Without unity, it’s lonely.  Without wisdom and understanding of what’s really happening on the planet, it’s futility.  And without freedom, it’s just a dance in a prison cell.