Brother Roy Platt - December 3, 2015

  This past summer was the funnest.  After school was out there was a week of church camp complete with heat, sweat, little sleep and mosquitos.  Then there was a wedding to get behind us.  Planning, filling in multi-numerous details that no one cares about (like, what songs are played at what time, flowers, candles, who walks whom down the aisle first, where to stand, arranging tables, arrangements on the tables, slide show, cakes, drinks, silver ware, plates, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc…………).  After the wedding (which was good, by the way) Lookie-Here-Woman had her second knee replaced six weeks after her first knee was replaced… which meant that the rest of the summer was spent at the hospital, then rehab, released, then 3 trips per week to get more rehab… which all ended at the time school started.  

  As Lookie-Here-Woman was improving in both her knee joints she graduated from a walker to a cane (that alone made her look 30 years younger).  It was at that time that I realized that I had developed a little hitch in my right knee.  It started out as nothing much but the pain was growing to eventually encompass most of my knee.  So… off to the same doc that took care of Lookie-Here-Woman. 

  Looking at my knee the doc prodded and pocked and squeezed and jabbed and with each little poke I would show some discomfort (screaming actually).  Rubbing his chin he said, “Sure nuff, something is wrong.  When did you first notice that it was hurting?”  “About the time you put Lookier-Here-Woman on the cane….”  Two things happened when I said that.  1)  He started laughing.  2)  Lookie-Here-Woman  took a swipe at me with her cane and called me a liar.  (I figure who you gonna believe… me or Lookie-Here-Woman).

  It being the Thanksgiving season (and the start of the rush of holiday madness) I wish to express my thanks that Lookie-Here-Woman’s knees are feeling their best in years.  I am so glad that she does not have the discomfort she had before.  Now, she still has some way to go, and the doc said it could be up to another full year before she is in tip-top shape, but she is progressing greatly. 

   I am also very much appreciative of the new daughter-in-law in the family.  She is a real jewel of a smile and she is a tremendous addition to our family tree.  In fact, all of my boys (we had 3, plus another adopted) have done extremely well in picking their life’s partner.  I could not have hoped for such success.  The only bad thing in the whole thing is that they all live in different states.  To get them to move closer I put out the edict:  “The one who lives closest to the parents when the parents kick-off… gets the most inheritance.”  So far no one has budged.  I guess no one wants that $100.

  Lookie-Here-Woman and I have two grand-daughters.  They are just bundles of joy squared up with my midson and his wife and they all totally focus their free time with toys, playing, songs, tickling, and play-like.

  My eldest son and his wife bring much endearment to my brain.  That’s another way of saying he has smarts that most assuredly comes from my set of kromeeezomeeees.  He has his Phd in biology and is doing DNA research at Texas Tech.  His wife has a Masters in Elementary Education (she always talks to me like I’m a child… can’t figure that one out).

  Yep… life is good.  Hey, and guess what…

It only gets better… because of Him.