Ramah News - November 4, 2018

First, let me apologize for not having Ramah News in the paper the last couple of weeks. I send them in, but I don’t print them. Maybe we will make the Press this week.

We had a good service this past Sunday. Brother Fancious and his wife was with us. Bro. Francious is a Missionary in Haiti, which we support. He also brought the message.

Having birthdays this week: Lewis Johnson, Josie Martinez, Margarett Parkman, Marie Perry and Becky Just. We added these to our prayer list: Vonda Black, Michael Hammers, Steve and Lucy Hayes, David Hodges Family and Jessica Ashcraft.

Bro. Francioius showed a video from the schools in Haiti. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in world. He has taken part in in building 3 elementary schools, 1 high school and 5 churches. Several churches in the U. S. support his ministries, including Ramah.       

Bro. Francious took his message from Galatians 6:10. What do we do with the opportunities and gifts with have been given? Do we share Christ with others? Do pray for others and support them?

Our Fall Festival was a success. What all had a great time. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this possible. Next Sunday, (the 11th) will be Veteran’s Day, we will have a Gideon speaker.

On October 27, Mrs. Margaret Parkman celebrated her 95th birthday. Not many people get to see that many birthdays, so I thought it was important to mention her. She has been a great blessing in my life.             She had her family with to help celebrate. The Ramah Rambling Roses (Thursday Ladies) celebrated to proceeding Thursday.

The Thursday ladies (aka the Ramah Rambling Roses) is a group of ladies that have been getting for lunch on Thursdays for several years now. We visit interesting places, visit friends and play games. Friends are a gift from God and I consider these great ladies my friends.