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Tenaha ISD: Tiger News


Please visit our district web page for other details on our school and activitieswww.tenahaisd.com (The calendar provides the most up to date events)

Tenaha ISD also has a facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/Tenaha-Independent-School-District-486433751368156/

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April 21, 2022- Report Cards

April 22, 2022-Elementary Field Trip to Panola Orchards; MS UIL Concert Y Sight Reading @ Carthage

April 25-29, 2022-Elementary Book Fair; Early Voting Begins

April 26, 2022-ASVAB Test 9 am (11th grade only)

April 27, 2022-HS UIL Concert & Sight; Mascot Tryouts

April 28, 2022-Band Spring Concert in Café’ 6 pm; HS UIL Concert & Sight Reading in Carthage; Photos: Track, Tennis, remaining cap &   

               gown for kinder and seniors; Welding Contest at Panola College Center

April 29, 2022-Track Regional’s in Palestine; Senior Grades Due & Entered

April 30, 2022-Track Regional’s in Palestine

May 3, 2022- Last Day to Early Vote; Band Recording in Bullard

May 4, 2022- Testing (Algebra I); Cheer Uniform Fitting 4 pm; Teacher Appreciation Reception 4 pm

April 5, 2022- Testing ( 8th Grade Science); Biology; K & 5th Grades to Panola Orchards; Progress Reports

May 6, 2022-Testing (8th Grade Social Studies); US History; PK Field Trip to Gator and Friends

May 7, 2022-Election Day 7 am – 7 pm

May 8, 2022- Mother’s Day

May 9, 2022- Student Physicals in SEC


Important Dates to Note:

April 25-29th Book Fair

May 17, 2022-Athletic/Band Award  9:30 am; Tiger Fest 6 pm

May 18, 2022-Band Trip

May 19, 2022-Kindergarten Graduation 9:30 am in Café’

May 25, 2022-8th Grade Graduation and MS Awards 9:30 am

May 26, 2022-12th Grade Graduation 7 pm; Early Release 11:30 am

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 Parents, Please make sure your senior(s) have registered and complete their OSHA Certificate. If they have not please have them see Mrs. DePriest. Also, if they have finished the requirement then make sure Mrs. DePriest knows about it.

Last Day of Pre-K & Kindergarten Registration


SWEEPSTAKES! This is the 5th consecutive sweepstakes for the middle school band! Their performance was phenomenal on stage and sight reading went really smooth! The judges were very complimentary! Congrats band!


Statement from Coach Garry & Mrs. Mistie Davison -

"The two worst days I have had in education were having to walk into the locker room and tell the kids that have battled, fought and laid it on the line for me that I am leaving!! I am really going to miss my girls!! To all of my Tenaha girls that have played for me, I can't thank you enough for giving me everything you had; you are my heroes!!
This year has been a tough year; lost two really, really close friends (Runt & Coach Dagley)!! They had such an impact on me and my family. We are better for having them in our lives!! I will miss my Tenaha work family as well!! When I left Saltillo, I said when you cut me I will always bleed blue and yellow. Now, it will have Tiger stripes mixed in!!

I am excited and grateful to announce that Mistie and I will be teaching and coaching at Chapel Hill High School just outside of Mount Pleasant. We can't wait to get there and get started!! Lady Devils I will give you everything I have!! Let's get to work!!

Coach D!"

There aren't words to describe how impactful the Davison family has been to the Tenaha community. We will miss the fun and smiles they both bring to our Tiger family, not to mention the hard work, dedication and character they have always shown each and every student, athlete, staff, faculty and community member. Thank you for sharing your time and family with us; you will all be TREMENDOUSLY missed!! Best of luck and we are so happy you will be a bit closer to home❤️

You'll always have a home in Tenaha...Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger!!🐅🐅🐅













Tax payers can now search and view their tax records. Enter online- https://tenahaisd.txproperty.tax

Stay up to date with all events by checking the school district calendarhttps://www.tenahaisd.com/Page/2#calendar1/20220322/month


Reminder: Tenaha Together Committee continues to support our community and needs the communities support as well.

A few of the things that have been done since the organization of the Tenaha Together Committee includes lights and tree for the square, banners around town,  and the beautiful brick signs entering the town.

Please, if you can make a donation to continue projects like these, send it to:  Tenaha Together Committee c/o Julie Tatom - Hughes Spring Bank on Main Street, P. O. Box 380, Tenaha, Texas 75974


"Local Businesses Support the Tenaha Tigers"

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If you are interested in purchasing a full color yearbook ad for your business, please contact Ms. Joanna Huckabee at huckabeejoanna@tenahaisd.com

Businesses that would like to place their business card on the Tiger News may contact Brenda Lucas at lucasbrenda@tenahaisd.com or by calling 936-248-5000 ext 201 for details.

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