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Tenaha ISD: Tiger News


Please visit our district web page for other details on our school and activitieswww.tenahaisd.com (The calendar provides the most up to date events)

Tenaha ISD also has a facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/Tenaha-Independent-School-District-486433751368156/

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February 2, 2022-MS A/B Honor Roll Field Trip to SFA; Girls Soccer vs Carlisle (Home) 4:00 pm

February 3, 2022- Progress Reports

February 7, 2022-JH Girls/Boys BB vs Gary 5:00 pm (Home)

February 8, 2022-VB vs Joaquin (Home); JVG/VG vs Joaquin 5:00 pm (Home); Tiger Café’ Open

February 10, 2022-G/B Soccer vs Waskom (There) 5:00 pm/7:00 pm; Sr Cap & Gown Retakes, BB Teams, and Spring Pictures’ Businessmen’s Meeting

February 11, 2022-VB vs Shelbyville 5:00 pm (Home)

February 14, 2022-6th, 7th, and 8th Grades Valentines Dance in Café’6-9 pm; Girls/Boys Soccer vs Brownsboro (There) 5:30/7:00 pm

February 15, 2022-VB vs Martinsville 5:00 pm (There)

February 17, 2022-End of 4th Grading Period

February 18, 2022-VB Playoffs

February 21, 2022-VB BiDistrict TBA; Beginning 5th Grading Period; Girls/Boys vs Brownsboro (Home) 5:30/7:00 pm; Regular Board Meeting 5:30 pm; President’s Day

February 24, 2022-Report Cards; VB Area

February 28, 2022-VB Quarterfinals TBA

Important Dates to Note:

March 14-18, 2022- Spring Break

April 9, 2022-Prom

May 16, 2022-BETA Banquet

May 17, 2022-Athletic Banquet

May 18, 2022-Band Trip

May 19, 2022-Kindergarten and 8th Grade Graduations

May 26, 2022-12th Grade Graduation

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2/1/22: Congratulations!

Lady Tigers vs San Augustine 61-33

V Boys vs San Augustine 58-26

2021-2022 Yearbooks are NOW on SALE!!!

There will only be a limited number of copies sold this year, so get yours now before they are gone! Yearbooks are $25 each and can be purchased in person from Mrs. Huckabee or online at www.balfour.com. Just search Tenaha ISD and follow the instructions to purchase on the screen. You will not be able to purchase the 21-22 book next school year, so get yours now!! The books will be delivered in September. 2)

Covid Update - January 2022 Protocol


Anyone with a lab confirmed case or anyone experiencing symptoms should remain at home and CANNOT return to campus until:

1. You are 24 hours fever free without medication

2. Symptoms have IMPROVED

3. At least 5 days have passed since illness began

*Close Contact means living in the same household.

Individuals who have had close contact, but have NO SYMPTOMS may return to campus after 48 hours.

*Wearing a mask for the following week is strongly encouraged.

Possible SYMPTOMS: Fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, head ache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea.

When in doubt call the campus in which your student attends.

936-248-5000 (HS/MS Ext. 501) (Elementary Ext. 301)


Tax payers can now search and view their tax records. Enter online- https://tenahaisd.txproperty.tax


Stay up to date with all events by checking the school district calendarhttps://www.tenahaisd.com/Page/2#calendar1/20211208/month


Reminder: Tenaha Together Committee continues to support our community and needs the communities support as well.

A few of the things that have been done since the organization of the Tenaha Together Committee includes lights and tree for the square, banners around town,  and the beautiful brick signs entering the town.

Please, if you can make a donation to continue projects like these, send it to:  Tenaha Together Committee c/o Julie Tatom - Hughes Spring Bank on Main Street, P. O. Box 380, Tenaha, Texas 75974


"Local Businesses Support the Tenaha Tigers"

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If you are interested in purchasing a full color yearbook ad for your business, please contact Ms. Joanna Huckabee at huckabeejoanna@tenahaisd.com

Businesses that would like to place their business card on the Tiger News may contact Brenda Lucas at lucasbrenda@tenahaisd.com or by calling 936-248-5000 ext 201 for details.


Tenaha Youth Center-(936) 332-3581






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