Marilyn Corder

1.     What is your full name? Marilyn Delois Hudson Corder
2.     When and where were you born? Wright City, Texas August 7, 1939
3.     What are/were your parents’ names? Who were your grandparents’ names.

     Dad: James Clyde Hudson  Mom: Annie Mildred Bates Hudson

     G. F. Henry Oscar Hudson  G.M. Lilly Cozart Hudson

    G.F. Wade Hampton Bates  G.M. Martha (Mattie) Elizabeth Terry Mosley Bates

4.     How many brothers and sisters do/did you have? 3 brothers, 4 sisters
5.     Did you have a nick name when you were growing up? Not that I remember
6.     Who was your best friend when growing up? My sister Carolyn
7.     From what high school did you graduate?  Crockett
8.     Did you graduate from college? Name college or colleges that you attended along with year of graduation.  No
9.     Were you in any branch of the Armed Forces and if you are a veteran of any war?  No
10.  What is your current or former occupation? Clerk, Bookeeper, Banker, my husband was in the cafeteria business, so any time he needed someone for whatever that was me, from floor supervisor to dishwasher.
11.  Do you belong to any organizations (churches, social clubs, political, etc.)?Timpson Chamber of Commerce, Timpson Genealogical Society, President of Women's Ministery at my church, Member of the board at my church, Member of the Timpson Public Library Board, Coordinator for Frontier Days
12.  Do/did you have a spouse or a significant other? When and how did you meet this special person? Spouse: J P Corder. We met when my family moved into the community where his family owned a grocery store and we attended the same high school for a year.We married October 23, 1955
13.  Do you have any children? What are their ages? Dennis 55 - Dennise 45 - Donna 40 We also have 5 beautiful grandchildren and 2 beautiful great grandchildren
14.  What is your hobby? Staying busy
15.  What are your favorite foods, music, songs, movies, books, TV programs, sport teams, sports, etc? I love all kinds of food and like to experiment with them, Southern Gospel, seldom do movies,  christian fiction, not a TV person.
16.  Write the most memorable places you have traveled to, with whom, and why? Hawaii, first time to fly, said I never would, husband changed my mind, since then, Bermuda, China, Canada, Disney World, Palm Springs, Chicago, northeaster came in while we were there, right now all that comes to mind.
17.  What are some of the significant historical or social changing events that you experienced in your life-time?
18.  What is something that you are most proud of and why? My marriage. In this day and age when marriage is looked upon as "Oh well if it doesn't go my way I'll just get a divorce" Yes, we had to work at ours at times, but we were willing to do so.It's been worth the effort.
19.  What is/are your greatest accomplishment/s in life and why (e.g. business, professional, academic, social, family, etc.)? My family. We have always been a very close knit family. Never holding grudges against each other, yes we did get mad at one another but we ironed our differences out. My children and grandchildren do the same.
20. If you can re-live a particular event in your life, what would it be? I have had a very good life, don't know of a thing I would change.

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