Ramah News 12/24/2015

 Sunday morning, we had a crowd for our Christmas program which was put on by the youth. Although Cord is our youth director, Rhonda did most of the organizing. The older youth (Jaxon, Janessa, Crystal, Lucus and Matthew read the Christmas story while the younger ones sang. Singing special songs were Halei, Shelby, Harley, Micheal and Wesley. The program was a great success. They even gave everyone candy canes at the end of their program. Mrs. Loyce Bush was visiting us from Briarcliff Nursing Home in Carthage. She played us a song she had learned on some sort of harp. She has decided to stay at the nursing home for the winter months. We will miss her but I think it's best for her and she seems to enjoy the company there.  
    Our birthday people this week were: Ruth Wagstaff, Jacob Samford, Jerry Agnew and Barbara Horton. I bet these people don't get many birthday presents. These are the ones we put on our prayer list: Larry Ribble and boys, Rusty Crawford, Muhn Kelly and Mike Wood Family.
   Since it's so close to Christmas, most of us were busy on Thursday. I believe in making the most of today, tomorrow may not come. Life don't go around but once, I say enjoy it while you have it. Becky and I were invited out to Betty's for Taco Soup, cornbread, chips and coconut pie. And of course the game. Betty always has something good cooked. We had a great time!!
   As we celebrate Christmas this year, let's don't forget the real reason for it all. As grownups we know that it's not about the gifts, the pretty lights or all the food that goes along with it. All that has been added along the way. We need to keep in mind that we are celebrating the birth of our Lord who was sent to earth as a baby, born in a lonely stable so long ago. Sent, only to die for us. It was all in God's plan.
   Reflecting back on this year, and the past years, we think about the things we should have done or could have done different., and the what if's.
Just remember yesterday is past, prepare for tomorrow and pray you make the right choices. Keep God in your life, he'll always be there for you. 
   Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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