Woodlawn Christian Church

By Roy Platt

There are some things that I never could quite get my thinkin’s wrapped around.  Like for instance…How does a helicopter move forward, or backwards for that matter?  How do oil companies take straight pipe and drill crooked?  Why, when people riot (for whatever reason), do they burn their own neighborhoods down?   How do bowling pins get re-stacked?  How can one teribite (1000 gigobyte, I guess) hard drive computer store information using only zeros and ones?  How do oil companies claim no control over the price of their own gasoline?  Just how does a copier work?  Why would a politician want to spend millions of dollars of his own money for a job that pays less than 100K?  If it is known there is going to be a huge earthquake (the BIG ONE) that kills tens of thousands of people in California, then why do they live there?  Why do people smoke when it says on the package, that if used correctly, it’ll kill you?  For that matter, why do hospitals provide designated smoking areas for their employees (I mean, don’t they know the dangers?)?  What is it that makes the government think it’s wrong to secure the border but has no canumdrum about giving a ‘very personal’ groping of its citizens at the airport?   With todays sure focus digital cameras why are there only fuzzy pictures of Big Foot and UFOs?  Why is it that todays generation tells me I ain’t with it when they can’t tell me what political party is in control of the White House? (Party??? Where???).  How is it that dyslexic people have trouble reading but they have no problem texting?   If a bus station is where the bus stops, and, a train station is where a train stops, then, why at the office do they call it a ‘work’ station?  Why are the champions of the SuperBowl hailed ‘World Champions’ when the rest of the world didn’t even compete?  Why do people in wintertime wear a big thick parka…and…shorts??  What is it about elected officials that make them think they are ‘more’ adult?  How did they transport that gas from the other side of the world—overnight—to make the price of a gallon jump 25 cents?  Why is it that evolutionist theorism says ‘everything is getting better’ when physicists say ‘everything is running down’?  Why do the ladies, including Lookie-Here-Woman, spend hundreds of hours (and my dollars) pasteing hundreds of family photos in a book that they never show to anyone?  (I know, I stepped over the line on that one).  What usually happens whenever someone says “that won’t happen to me” but they say it anyway?   Why is it when someone says ‘you can make it if you hurry’ they don’t?  Why does a ‘God of love’ love those who don’t love Him?  Just where does sin go when God has forgiven them?   Why did Jesus pick 12 fault-finders as his varsity starters?  Why did Jesus pick you?  Why do some say ‘no, thank you’ to a  tremendous forever with the Lord?  Why do some people consider Jesus a ‘4 letter word’ when all Jesus wants to do is give them a fantastic eternity? 

   No, I don’t grasp how a car works—but—that doesn’t keep me from driving. 

  Prov 3:5 “Trust God from the bottom of your heart;  don't try to figure out everything on your own.”    

   No, you may not get your thinkin’s wrapped around on how God could love you so much—but, trust me—“Will you accept My love for you?” is the only question on His test.