Things to consider: May 18, 2017

Last week I touched on the creation of man in the beginning, and how important it is to just believe in God and His Word. We all know about Noah and how he and his family survived the destruction of the world by a flood. This flood is considered to be a baptism of the earth. This action was a result of all the evils of the world and also the unwillingness of mankind to follow God. This flood was a real event and must not be taken lightly by mankind, because it tells of the power of our God to control the elements of nature. The baptism of the earth was a precursor of the Baptism of Jesus. Jesus came into this world to provide a way of salvation for all mankind if they believe. Symbolic is the baptism, but very important to believers that follow Christ. If we had no need for Baptism, Jesus would not have made it an important part of salvation. The beginning of creation by God and baptism of the earth by the great flood are two important parts of the history of Christians also the baptism of Jesus is important. It symbolizes the death of ourselves and the renewing of life of a new person that has the grace that we Christians live under. This baptism is important to us as Christians, if not; Jesus would not have been baptized to show us the way. Do not take creation, flooding, and baptism lightly. It is the history of our lives in Christ. Until next time. As always respectfully yours. Roger Harding 472 CR 4775, Timpson, Texas.