Things to Consider: June 22, 2020

Things to Consider

A heart felt greeting to all, with prayers that this pandemic is rectified soon, including prayers for the families that have loved ones that have contracted this virus, not forgetting the families that have lost loved ones to it. This concern was magnified in my heart this morning as I woke from a dream. First of all, let me tell all that I proclaim to be a Christian, just as most of the people that I know, as are most of the people that I come in contact with. This proclamation of my faith and all that proclaim that they have the same faith is nothing less than a folly if we as

pro-claimer's of our faith refuse to act upon this faith with Christlike actions, we cannot build a building if we sit on our bottoms saying this is going to be a great building, I sure hope someone else will come and work on it while I sit here complaining that I just don't have the time to do the work required to complete the task at hand. Likewise, we cannot have a great relationship with God it we don't use our tools at hand “IE” our Bible. Now let me get to the subject that came to life this morning as I was in a deep sleep. In this dream I was in a small town, this town was full of people feeling great despair in their souls. As I walked through the town, I could see no one that had any hope. As I continued on, a small church came into view this, church seemed to have a feeling of gloom all around. Pausing at the beautiful double doors I pondered should I go in and what was waiting for me as I stepped inside. Slowly pushing open one of the huge doors just enough so I could peek in, all I could see was darkness, an evil darkness that was thick, such as the darkness that was spoken of when Moses was dealing with the Pharaoh. The difference between the two is one was a darkness that one could feel, and this darkness was a darkness filled with evil, that you could feel deep in your soul. I entered the sanctuary and slowly two figures came into view as I walked in. In front of me stood two young girls about the age of six. These girls seemed not to have anything to live for, as they looked up at me, I could see the pain deep in their souls. I felt as though all hope for mankind was lost. Then it seemed hope was given back to me as the girl on the left said, “I know what to do”. She gently took the hand of the girl that was now seated to her left. She looked upon my face and stretched out her hand, gently grasping my hand a silent prayer seemed to diminish the evil that was covering the sanctuary. After a little time had passed a few more children slowly came through the darkness of evil. One by one came the children, each softly taking the hand of the child that followed. I looked around in deep wonder, where are the parents why are these children in this church all alone. Slowly a handful of adults came out of the darkness. As the children prayed in silence the evil dissipated and was never to be seen again. As I ponder upon this dream, I wonder where are the parents? The adults I saw must have been the grandparents, so many children, so few caretakers. An I analyze this dream in my mind this passage comes to mind Luke 10 v 2. says “The harvest is plentiful, but the labors are few”. The caretakers in my dream, in my opinion, appear to be the laborers, the “children” must represent the people who have not received the word of God as of now. The evil that was so intense must be the ones that have received the gospel but refuse to accept or follow it. The child I saw that was seated must represent the “Father”. The child that was on the right must represent the “Son”. The “gentleness of the taking of hand’s” must be the gentle love that comes from the Father through His Son Jesus Christ. The silent prayers surely must represent Gods people who keep silent concerning their faith. Surely, I did have this dream, and it is as accurate as I can recall, and this analogy of this dream is truly what I believe. In the future I must take precautions as not to sit on my bottom and expect everyone else to do the work. We are all called to be labors for Christ.  This is my interpretation of the dream I had.   You can come to your own interpretation, of this dream, and it may not be the same as the one I feel was given to me. This does not mean that either one is wrong or that either one is right. It is how the Holy Spirit chooses to use this in your life. I, in no way, want to say my thinking is the only way, it is not. I leave you to draw your own conclusions. As always respectfully yours. Roger and Donna Harding.