Ramah Baptist News

By Pat Bowden
    Our attendance was down for Sunday School. I figured it was because our pastor was gone. He and Valerie are on vacation for a couple of weeks.
I guess they were waiting for the church service because we had a church full before the service was over.
Our youth leader is filling in for Bro Keith and he did a fine job for both services.
    We had four celebrating birthdays this week: Tina Barton, Jackson Eubank, Calvin Estes and Dylan Haltom. On our prayer list we put  Elaine Hicks, Karen Williams, Connie Howard, Glen Prince Family, Patsy Bates, Michael Emanis, Timothy Barber, Becca Bridges, and Hubert Parkman. We have ladies in our church who are battling cancer, please remember them when you pray.
    We had a special song by Wesley Fox on Sunday morning. He is a brave young man and can sing quite well too.
Cord took his message from Hebrews 3:6. WE ARE ISRAEL. When we are saved we are adopted into the Lord's people as sons and daughters of Christ. We are like the Israelites in a lot of ways. There was unbelief among them. They had hardening of the heart as we do today. God didn't forget them and he won't forget us. They didn't have faith or trust that God would get them though. We have to have faith and believe that God will be with us through the good and the bad. As we know only Joshua and Caleb made it to the Promise Land, out of the ones that left Egypt 40 years before
because they trusted and obeyed God.
    Thursday, we decided to go across the river into Logansport. We ate at the Rivers Edge. We've eaten there before but it's been awhile. The food was good. They weren't that busy, guess we were early. We checked out the Dollar Store in Haslam. Now, they were busy. We bought a few things then came on back to Elaine's to play our game. We had four of us this week to go. We called Vicky, but she was tired after working all day. We always have fun, we catch up on the latest happening around town and voice our opinions, Do we gossip? Of course not!!! After all we are church ladies.
   We will be having out Walk of Faith on October 17th. Not sure where they're going to be walking this year, but we always have a bunch to walk.
And on October 31st we will have our Fall Fest. There will be Trunk or Treat for the kids. It was announced that Jackson Baptist Church will be having a Tent Revival in Joaquin sometimes this week or next.
   There was a funeral service at Ramah Cemetery this past week. Edsel Warr was buried. He is the husband of one of the Thompson girls. I should know her name. I worked for Mrs. Eva (her mother) before she went to the Nursing Home. Sorry for your loss.
   The month of October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Don't forget to let your pastor know how much you appreciate him