Ramah Baptist News

By Pat Bowden
 We had a another nice day for church services. We also had a crowded sanctuary, which is always good
Our birthday people this week were: Barry Monroe and Ryan Keele. On our prayer list we put these: Heather Dickerson, Murry  Rodgers Family, Patsy Stephenson, Dan Jackson, Wayne Hughes, Vonda Black, and Steve Fowler. We have people in our church that need special prayer and some that have family members elsewhere than need our prayers. We certainly need to pray for our country and our military. Things are not looking good., but we know the Lord has it all under control.
      We were blessed with two special songs from the choir on Sunday morning. Then Bro Keith started his message from Luke 16:19, titled  HEAVEN OR HELL- WHICH??? Do you know where you will spend eternity if you should die today? It is your decision, and only you can make it. This life prepares us for life and death. In  Luke we read about the rich man and the beggar named Lazarus. We know that the rich man went to Hell and the beggar went to Heaven, and the rich man saw Lazarus in Heaven. I've been ask, if I believe you go to one or the other place as soon as you die. We know they did because the Bible says so. There is a verse that says, "'To be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord." 1Thessalonians 4:16 says, "When the Lord descends from Heaven, the dead in Christ shall rise first," so I'm not sure. You read and see what you think. These things we should know, I guess. The important thing is for us to be ready to meet the Lord then we won't have to worry about it.
     Sunday night, Wesley Fox sang "Old Rugged Cross". I'm glad to see him using his talent for the Lord, and he sings quite well.
We are continuing our Discipleship Training on Sunday nights. This is to teach us what is expected of us as Baptist Church members.
     Thursday, the Ramah Ramblers rode to Carthage and eat at the Texas Tea Room. It's really not a Tea Room anymore, but they didn't change the name when someone else took over. It has changed owners several times since the older ladies had it. The food is still good though. We checked out the nursery on St. Mary St. They had a lot of Fall flowers out. We came back to Tenaha to Retha to play our game. There were four of us this week. Vicky was to tired to come play with us. They are so busy at the Whistle Stop, she's sort of bushed when she gets home. 
    Some of our church people went to Center Sunday after church to watch the movie War Room. They say it's a very good Christian movie. I'll try to catch it later.
If you're not attending church anywhere, we invite you t Ramah