Ramah Baptist News

By Pat Bowden
  Although our Sunday School attendance was down we had a crowd for church services. The pews were full, we used our little side room. The one we added when we remodeled, it sure has come in handy. We couldn't have ask for better weather, it was so cool just right, for a Sunday.
   Our birthday people this week were: Brenton Strahan, Caleb Brooks, Joy White, Jeremy Overby, Marcus Horton and Lance Horton. And our anniversary couples were: Shane & Kristi Angelo and Brenton & Terrin Strahan.
   We were blessed with a special song from the choir. Seems like all that practice is paying off. Our choir has really grown in the last few months, seems like more are taking part. Do I sing in the choir? No, Somebody has to listen and enjoy.
   On our prayer we put these: Isha Brown, Jennifer Bonner, Gordon Martin, Nathan Rowan, Mary Anderson, and Becca Bridges.
   Bro Keith took his message from Deuteronomy 1:20-27. SOME REFUSE TO GO. When Moses was leading the children of Israel out of Egypt, they grumbled and complained. God has a promise land for each of us . Like the Children of Israel, we won't go in. He wants the best for us and wants us to prosper.
 In 2Chronicles 24:18-19  Just as the children of Israel, we today have things we serve or put before God. He sends preachers to bring us the gospel but we don't hear. We select the old paths to follow. Jeremiah 6:16-17. God demands forgiveness, Matthew 18:28. Today people are still refusing to believe. john 20:25.
   Thursday, we had a good day. We rode to Center and ate a Chubby Chicken on Shelbyville St. They do have good chicken. I had the chicken livers. It was more than I could eat at one time. I just wandered how many chicken had to die to get that many livers. But they were good. We went by Walmart, shopped a little. Came back to Elaine's for our game. And as always coffee and dessert.
   Cord, our youth leader has started a new program for the youth on Wednesday nights. We have a teacher for each age group. So no one will be left out. We encourage anyone who would like to come, you will be welcome.
   On Sunday nights, we have our Discipleship Training. We're are going over and learning what is expected of us as Baptist.