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The virgin birth of Jesus is more than a gift to show us God’s power. It is also a gift to show us God’s love.


If you have spent any time traveling down any road around the state, then you have probably noticed these bright orange signs that go up a week or two before TxDOT starts any kind of construction. The reason that they do this is for you to have forewarning that there is going to be some changes happening and they want you to be aware of it before it happens. TxDOT wants you to know that you need to be looking out for the changes that are coming. They want you to look out for the construction workers. They want you to look out for the road changes. They want you to watch for the change in road conditions. They want you to be aware of a lane change. They don’t want you to be distracted while in the construction zone. They don’t want you to be texting or talking on the phone while you are in the construction zone. They are warning you so that you can look forward to what is fixing to happen and not be surprised. If you see one of those signs, then you can take that as a promise that things are fixing to be happening whether you want them to or not.

That is what God did in much of the Old Testament but specifically in Isaiah 7:14.

God gave the people a warning that some things were fixing to change and that they needed to be on the lookout for what was coming. The Lord did not want them to be caught off guard or to not be ready, so he sent them prophets to convey the message of the promise that a gift was coming and for them to be ready when it came.

As a gift from God, the birth of Jesus as a tiny baby in Bethlehem is, first of all, a gift to show us God’s power. John 1:14 says, “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” Old Testament and New Testament scripture make it clear that the birth of Jesus was not a normal birth; it was a supernatural birth. Isaiah’s prophecy predicted that “a virgin” would conceive and bear a child. The word “virgin” used here denotes a woman who has never been sexually intimate with any man! The virgin birth of Jesus was a gift certain to show us God’s power.

The virgin birth of Jesus is more than a gift to show us God’s power. It is also a gift to show us God’s love. Isaiah’s prophecy goes on to proclaim that the one born of a virgin was to be called “Immanuel” which means “God with us.” God was promising that He himself would come to us in human form as the most perfect gift of His love that He could possibly give. Nothing proves the love of God more than His willingness to send Jesus to be born into this world from the womb of a virgin (John 3:16), live in this world as a sinless man and then suffer and die the most humiliating death possible. The Apostle Paul proclaims the depths of God’s love for mankind in Philippians 2:6-8.

Along with this gift being a gift to show us God’s power and a gift to show us God’s love, the virgin birth of Jesus as a tiny helpless baby in Bethlehem also shows us God’s faithfulness. Even if you reject what Isaiah 7:14 says about Jesus being born of a virgin, to reject Jesus as the promised Messiah, you still have to explain how all the other prophecies about Jesus’ birth were fulfilled. There are over 300 separate prophecies concerning the coming Messiah in the Old Testament that Jesus’ birth fulfilled and most of these prophecies were made 700 years or more years before His actual birth in Bethlehem. One or two prophecies fulfilled by Jesus’ birth might easily be written off by a skeptic as nothing more than coincidence. But can over three hundred prophecies given by several individuals over 700 years previous to the event be fulfilled by coincidence? That would be virtually impossible.

This is a the first of series, “God’s Christmas Gifts.” We would love to have you come and visit with us throughout the remainder of this series at First Baptist Church, Timpson.

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