Things to Consider: November 19, 2020



As we slide into Thanksgiving next week, many people’s lives are filled with despair, because so many have lost loved ones, or they have loved ones who are suffering with this awful pandemic, or some other illness. Throughout this time of suffering my wife reminded me of a wonderful song by the country singer Jim Reeves. “This World Is Not My Home”. The wonderful lyrics tell us that we are just passing through, it tells us that Angels beckon us from Heaven's open door, telling the Lord that if Heaven is not our home then what shall we do? This song reminds us that Heaven is just over in Gloryland, and one can’t feel at home in this world anymore. This song brings the truth out in many aspects. This world is a place that we were put in order to make up our minds to either accept God and follow Him or ignore His love and follow the world. The choice to follow Him is a personnel decision that only you or myself can make, it’s not up to someone else to make that decision for you or me, being a personnel commitment, we must make it ourselves. I cannot grant any one the privilege of entering Heaven, nor can I deny one the right. Jesus is the only one that has that privilege, and only you or myself can make the decision to believe and accept the outstretched hand that Jesus beckons us with. The song goes on to say that the saints are shouting victory and their songs are sweetest praise, this as their loved ones are accepted into God’s Grace. We must remember that Jesus did His part by defeating death now It’s your and my part, and that part is to believe in Him, accept that He is the one that took our place concerning the death of the soul, and to acknowledge that He is God's only begotten Son. Happy Thanksgiving to all, praying for healing of hearts and souls. As always Roger and Donna Harding.