Things to Consider - July 30, 2020

Things to Consider:


I believe that the book of Revelation is the most misunderstood and feared book in the Bible. Mainly due to man’s fear of the future. Revelations is THE FINAL BOOK of God’s Word to mankind. I have spoken to preachers about it, and the most common statement about Revelations is that the good wins over evil. I believe that it is time that preachers and teachers’ study in depth then teach this wonderful book to believers of all ages. Revelations is truly an honorable book, to those who are covered by the Blood of Jesus. We as Christians should embrace and lift up this wonderful book, because it is the final conquering of evil, and the final conquering of death and sickness. It should never be a book that frightens us. Rather a book that lifts up our spirits. After John heard Jesus speaking, and turning around he saw seven golden candlesticks which represented the seven churches of that time and the seven stars represented the angels of those seven churches. This meant that He had a message to those churches! The white hair as told of in Revelations 1:14-15 represents the wisdom of Christ and in those days the white-haired man was to receive honor and respect from all. His red eyes in all manner of thought, I believe, represent the judgment to come. His feet appearing of fine brass, as if they were burned in a furnace is a common reference of God’s Glory found in the Old Testament, also referenced as “O.T.”. The voice like rushing water in the O.T. symbolized the power of God’s voice. In verse 17-18 Jesus declares that He is the first and the last. He is alive even though He was dead and that He is alive forevermore and He excerpts His final authority overall, stating that He alone has the keys of hell and of death. This is final and absolute authority. The two-edged sword spoken of in verse 16 translates to Jesus having a tongue as sharp as a two-edged sword and He will destroy false teachings and bring to life the truth, because in the end times there are many false teachers in which Jesus shall cut off and reveal the true teachers. Remember that in the first part of chapter 1 it states the things which must shortly come to pass. Well consider this, it’s been over 2000 years since Jesus took His place on the throne with His Father, and all these things have not come to pass as of yet. What then does He mean when He says things which must shortly come to pass? Did our God misspeak concerning this prophecy? NO, NOT AT ALL. Remember the recordings in 2 Peter 8 “But beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” In knowing that, we all should be able to realize that it has only been a few days since Revelations was given to John. Restating it is so that these things must soon come to pass. The time is upon us, Jesus will return soon, in God’s time, not ours. If you are not covered by the Blood of Christ, what better time than now. To receive Jesus as your SAVIOR you need to do three things as recorded in Jesus own words. Believe on Christ as your Savior and redeemer, confess with your mouth that you have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Turn your back on sin and then be baptized. Baptism is symbolic of the “Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus, our Savior. Doing all three in order is essential to salvation, because Jesus himself had John baptize Him, not because of sin, rather to show the way. I have heard that some are teaching that baptism is not important. I say this, if it was not important why did Jesus have John baptize him? This is something to consider. As always respectfully yours, Roger and Donna Harding. 472 CR 4775, Timpson, Texas 75975.