Things to Consider - January 9, 2020

Things to Consider:


To my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and to all whom have not accepted Jesus Christ in your hearts, this article may be a little unsettling to some but on the other hand others may relate to it. I ask you all, where do you believe dreams come from? Where do you believe visions come from? When we consider that God made us in His Image, and then sent the Holy Spirit after the death of Jesus to be a part of our lives after we received Christ into our hearts and were baptized in His name, then we can only surmise that God gives us the ability to have dreams and visions.

Now concerning dreams, I believe that we have dreams and that these dreams help the Holy Spirit to bring mental and spiritual comfort to our souls. Most dreams are insignificant in their weirdness and could bring complexity to our minds. Some dreams comforts, some frightens or even can warn us of things going on in our lives that may need to be addressed. Without a doubt I believe that His spirit at His chosen times will give us dreams that may warn us or even direct us in life with respect in trying to deal with certain life situations. Having never attended church as a young boy I was not told about God, Satan or Heaven or Hell. Before I started attending church and Vacation Bible School I had a dream at around seven years of age that lasted for years, this dream seemed to me to repeat itself over and over again about a fifty foot snake in a country side setting while I was trying to get back home. This snake was at least six to eight inches in diameter and was under my feet and every place I stepped I stepped on a part of its body I could not seem to escape it. At times I would escape the snake only to get a few feet from it, but I could not run, I tried and tried. The next thing I knew, I was out of harm’s way.  Another dream was that in that same field stood a fruit tree, I was famished but I could not gain access to the tree because there was a long fence between me and the tree that I could not get across to get to. Both of these dreams stayed with me for years, After I started to go to church around the age of nine and learned about God and Jesus and received Christ in my heart the dreams diminished in frequency and then completely stopped. As a believer in Christ I now believe that the snake represented Satan and as I lived in sin without Christ I could not escape him. When I was able to get off of the snake, I could not run. This to me means that I cannot run from evil and my sins, nor can I do it without help from God. The tree in the field to me represents the tree of life, standing tall and full of fruit, proudly waiting to give freely of its fruit to any one that could cross the fence. That fence represents my sin, and my disbeliefs in Christ, all this separates me from the Tree of Life. Christ wiped out the fear of the snake or Satan, and tore the fence down, now I have access to God and all He offers. Brothers and Sisters please know this, these dreams truly happened, before I was aware of SIN and Satan’s evil ways and even the Tree of Life, God to me was a word used in a manner that was not pleasing to God or as a god made up to comfort  people. I saw several gods on the television like the sun god or a god of the volcano, at that time God was not real to me. I now believe God gave me these dreams years prior to my salvation in order that I could be a witness to His awesome power. Please do not be afraid to believe in dreams. Just be aware that all dreams do not have any meaning, but some do. If they edify God then they are a blessing and comfort to us as believers. Until next time as always with respect, Roger Harding 472 CR 4775, Timpson Texas.