Things to Consider - August 27, 2020

Things to Consider


“Take the time to smell the roses” As I do many times throughout the year, I grab a cup of coffee around three in the morning, take a comfortable seat outside and just take in Gods creations. Once while watching nature I witnessed a very young cougar attempting to creep upon a fawn when the baby’s mother made a snorting sound, and both scurried away. Once an opossum fled away as I walked outside. As I sat down and answered a phone call that lasted about five minutes, I stood up and was facing that opossum face to face about two feet apart. This little critter had started climbing a post and stopped eye level and stared at me, when we made eye contact the old saying came to mind. “if it was a snake it would have bit you” The same could be said about the Bible. So many times, we get wrapped in every aspect of our everyday lives that we don't take the time to recognize our true blessings that God gives us daily. It was truly a blessing that the fawn had its mother looking after its interest. The same is so concerning our God. When evil creeps in, so many times it looks as innocent as a baby. This is why we have Gods word to guide us through life, but too many times we follow man’s traditions and ignore Gods pure wisdom. It is time that we all should be emerged in the Holy Word that was and is designed to guide us through the perilous times. As recorded in 2 Timothy This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. Please read the rest of chapter 3 on your own. The point that I want to get across today is the word SHALL the content of this warning does not say that perilous may come, it means that perilous times WILL come. This chapter is meant to warn Gods elect about what will take place, not what might take place. So, brothers and sisters in Christ as the prophesy’s come to pass, we have a guide concerning how to deal with perilous times, but we must study in order that the false teachers want to lead you and down the wrong path.     As always Roger and Donna Harding.

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