Things to Consider - August 12, 2020

 I would like to bring light a few things that are of the upmost importance to us as Christians and non- Christians alike. A few years back while witnessing to a young man, who for the past few years had a great deal of challenges in his life. With tear-filled eyes he looked into my eyes as though he was looking into my very soul. Just looking to be once again judged by me as others had judged him in the past.

Holding back his tears these words came forth, “I don’t want you to judge me!” At that very moment as though I was talking from outside of my own body, the words that seemed to come from deep inside my soul, out of my mouth this came, “I cannot judge you or anyone else, only God can judge. I cannot” It was as though I was standing back listening to someone else spoken to him. Well as time passed I spoke to this man in great detail about Christ and Christ crucified and the purpose of Baptism.

The first subject I would like to cover is his concern of Christians and worldly judgment. You see in the past few years a lot of people were putting him down because of events in his life that didn’t please them. He pointed out certain things that his judges were judging him on. Some of the same things that the judgmental people have done and were also doing at the time they were putting him down for his faults.

Judgment has no place for Christians lives and we need to guard ourselves from that sin. My encounter with this lost soul, or should I say a soul believing in Christ, but not knowing what to do or who to turn to for direction to Christ and repentance of his ways. Wouldn’t it be a great tragedy if this young man missed salvation due to our unfounded judgment put forth to condemn this man as unfit in our eyes?

Now don’t get me wrong I too have stood in this kind of judgment of people, some I didn’t even know. I have prayed and shall pray for forgiveness for my part. May I never do that again.

The first thing I would love to say about my encounter with this young man is that he was just as much a witness to me as I was to him. He touched my soul about a problem I had and that was judgment. When we look at someone with judgment in our hearts, we need to know God’s written word Matthew 7:1-2 “Do not judge or you too will be judged for in the same way you judge others, you will be judged with the measure you use, it will be measured to you” NIV

So fellow believers and non believers we need not look down upon anyone lest God look down upon us with the same contemp. As always respectfully yours Roger and Donna Harding.