Things to Consider: April 23, 2020

Things to Consider

High hopes that all are getting alone with each other as we wait out this corona virus, families are compelled to interact with each other such as a family should. My prayers are that we all take this time to reconnect with each other and explore Gods word as we haven't had the opportunity to do so before. This is the time that we all should relish and bond deeper with God, family, and friends. Lets turn our attention to the concerns of our family, what concerns do they have about this virus, and how can we help them during this time of their lives.  I would think that children would be more frightened not knowing what is going on, and how this virus is transferred and why they should not interact with their friends and some family members who may have been exposed to this virus. Children have their own ways of dealing with fear. We never know how their minds work concerning fear. I recall as a child about five years of age my dad decided to go out into the woods to cut a tree down in order to harvest the honey. As my brothers started to cut the tree down my dad told me to stay back fifty feet in order that the tree would not fall on me. Well I backed off a little and looked up and thought that if the tree fell this way, it would hit this tree in front of me causing that tree to fall into the next tree and so on after a few minuets my dad noticed that I was a couple of hundred yards away, son he said what are you doing?   Consider this, children are literal thinkers and when you say something to them they may think that they are following your orders but in fact their concept is totally different.    We are always to protect our little ones.   And confirm that they are important not only in your eyes but in Jesus’s eyes.  Matthew 19:14 says “But Jesus said”Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for such is the kingdom of heaven.” We all need to pray and seek God’s face, only then will he heal our land. As always respectfully yours. Roger and Donna Harding. God bless one and all.