Things to Consider      - October 15, 2020


      Another heartfelt greeting to all, in the spirit of Christ. I mentioned earlier that someone may be wondering who God is. Many times in my youth I have pondered that subject, and still many times I sit in a quiet place and just try to reason out just where God comes from, and why did He choose the earth to be our place for mankind to live. I guess that one could say that this is one way that one could seek God. The best way to seek God is to read and study the word that God has given to us all. In my time on the earth I have heard many peoples take on this subject. I know people that say that they don’t believe in God, then there are some that tell me that they believe in ghosts, but not God. I’ve even heard people say that they believe that we have a soul, and that there is a higher power in charge, but they don’t believe that there is a God. Let me put it this way, do you believe that ghosts exist? Do you believe that people have souls? Do you believe that there are spirits roaming the earth? Many people have many different takes on these subjects. I do not believe in Ghosts, in fact the word ghost is mentioned some 108 times throughout the Bible. This word ghost was put in place of Pneuma during translation Pneuma is a Greek word that means spirit that relates to the Hebrew word ruach which also means spirit. Anytime you see ghosts in the scriptures, just say spirit then you will be in compliance with the manuscripts of old. Now that we know that the word ghosts was not originally in the Holy word we can eliminate ghosts from our Biblical vocabulary. Now soul is another subject all together, appearing some 255 times throughout the Bible, referring to our essence, our being in short, the part of us that is given to us by God, and it returns back to Him the moment our mortal body ceases to live. God does not tell us any information of where He comes from, or why we chose earth to be our dwelling place. As far as spirits roaming the earth yes they do. Jesus is quoted in Matthew Ch.12 V43 to 45. Please take the time to read the whole chapter, because Jesus tells us of evil spirits that can possess a person. Now please be aware that those spirits in the time of Jesus are still around today. Sometimes they will take up residents in some one or even in their house. In Biblical times people would have their houses anointed with olive oil, which is something we should also do today and even till Jesus’ return. Now who is God? To some God is a myth, a non existing entity that was created as a to explain our creation   and the events that happen.  Many events that have taken place through man's life on earth have been told by the word of God through His written word called the Bible. So one could call God a teller of our future. There are many stories in the texts that tell how God led His people through victories when facing their adversary's, thus God could be called a leader. There are stories that tell how God protected people such as recorded in the book of Daniel in the old testament chapter 6. So one could call God a protector. Many times the word tells of times that God saved His people from sure death, in retrospect God could be called a Savior, our God is everything that we need to get through these trying times that we are facing. Again I quote God’s word, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven,  and forgive their sin, and will heal their land. '' 2 Chronicles 7:14 . Pray, seek and turn is all we have to remember if we want God to heal our land. As always respectfully yours Roger and Donna Harding.