Questions from the New Testament Why Could We Not Cast it Out? – Part 1 Mark 9:14-29

Questions from the New Testament

Why Could We Not Cast it Out? – Part 1

Mark 9:14-29

A few weeks ago, we started looking at looking at different questions that are asked in the New Testament. The first question one was a question that Jesus asked a blind man that was asking for healing. The question that he asked was, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” (Matthew 9:28). This week we begin looking at another question that we find in Mark 9:28, “Why could we not cast it out?”

The first thing I want to do is take a closer look at the situation that the disciple found themselves in.  Here was a boy who had an evil spirit, who was possessed by “a demon” (Matthew 17:18); “a spirit that had robbed him of speech” (Mark 9:17).  The disciples come across this demon-possessed boy.

As we look around, there are many people around us gripped by sin and controlled by Satan. This is not popular doctrine, but Ephesians 2:2-3 makes it clear that unregenerate men and women are living their lives under Satan’s domination. In a very real way, every unsaved person is controlled by the spirit of evil. The boy’s situation was tragic, but it is also a very real picture of the kind of situation that the Church faces today.

So, the question that we might ask is, “What can be done about it?”  Well, what did the disciples do about it? This brings us to the second thing:  “They tried and failed.”  Let’s look at their failure to see where we can learn from their experience.

The disciples sought to heal this boy, but they failed completely.  It was a tragic failure, and the words to think about are found in Luke 9:40, “they could not.”  They were helpless and powerless. This must have been extremely humiliating for them.  This was even more tragic because Jesus had given them power to work miracles and they had exercised this power successfully at other times (Matthew 10:1 and 8, and Luke 10:17).

As we look around today, we can see that there are many people with spiritual needs. We also need to see that we, as the Lord’s representatives, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, are given the power of the Holy Spirit like the disciples, but many times we walk around powerless (Acts 1:8).

Too often, we see few conversions and little evidence of God’s power working through people and churches today. We have elaborate organizations, a large program of meetings, all kinds of modern methods, and sometimes we even have the money, but instead of an abundance of spiritual life and energy we are faced increasingly with weakness. There is spiritual ignorance, an increasing moral drift, drug addiction, sexual perversion, increases in crime, the country is divided over race, and the tragedy is that the Church is failing to be a voice in the face of these evil trends.

We see in the Scripture that the crowd says, “They could not…”  It is a public failure and a humiliating experience for them as it is for us today as well.  We, the church, are in a devil-possessed world and many times it seems we are powerless to cast out the devils of unbelief, immorality, increasing divorce, and the mounting tide of evil. Next week we will continue to look at these scriptures and answer the question “Why could we not cast it out?”

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In Christ,

W. Dee Daniel, Pastor