Questions from the New Testament

Lord, What Would You Want Me to Do? – (Part 22 in a series)

A few weeks ago, we started looking at the question that is found in Acts 9:6, “Lord, what would
you have me do?” In looking at this question we saw that Jesus asked this question of Saul while
Saul was traveling. We saw that God has a perfect, accurate, and detailed plan for each Christian.
We saw that Saul’s conversion did not just happen by chance, but according to God’s plan, God’s
perfect plan.
The next week we saw that we can trust that plan because of experience. We looked at multiple
examples from scripture where different Biblical characters trusted God’s plan in their lives, from
Abraham, (Hebrews 11:8-10), to Moses (Hebrews 11:24-27), David (1 Chronicles 17:7), and Isaiah in
Isaiah 6:8 where he is willing to go where the Lord wants him to go.
Today, let us look at the next couple of aspects of answering this question by first
understanding that God’s plan has three characteristics. The first characteristic is that it is a
personal plan. When you look at Acts 9:4-6 there are several different instances of the writer using
“you” to express the personal aspect of the plan. The message that we need to proclaim is that there
is a plan that is unique to each and every person because we are each unique. God has a purpose to
fulfil in and with our life that cannot be fulfilled in the life of any other person.
The second characteristic of this plan is that it is a perfect plan. We see this in Jeremiah 29:11,
but we also see it in Romans 12:1-2 where we are told that the will of God, or God’s plan and
purpose in the lives of His children, is good and acceptable and perfect. Think about those three
words because they are full of significance for our lives.
The third characteristic is that God’s plan is both practical and practicable. In other words, His
plan is workable and thoroughly related to everyday living and service. It is not just a plan that only
sounds good and acceptable and perfect theoretically; it proves to be so in actual, down-to-earth,
day by day experiences!
The second aspect of God’s plan for us is that our first and foremost concern should be to
discover God’s plan for our life. It is sadly true that some Christians fail to discover God’s plan and
find their days, weeks, months and years filled with disappointment, defeat, frustration, and
failure. The sad reality is that every unbeliever is living a self-planned life, as Saul was until the
time of his conversion (Acts 9:5); but it is also sadly true that many Christians plan their own lives
and are not walking as Christ would want. There is nothing greater or more comforting than to
know that we are in the center of God’s will.
As a church, our goal is to seek the Lord’s will and then to walk in it. We would love to help you
discover God’s will in your life. Would you consider coming and joining us as you seek the Lord’s
plan for your life? Or maybe you are a believer and need a church family to help you in your walk.
Perhaps you are seeking. Regardless, we would love to have you come and worship with us at First
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In Christ,
W. Dee Daniel, Pastor