Questions from the New Testament

Who is this Son of Man? – (Part 18 in a series) John 12:34

Questions from the New Testament
Who is this Son of Man? – (Part 18 in a series)

John 12:34

This is the fifth and final week that we will be looking at the question, “Who is this Son of
Man?” I came across this question when looking through the Bible in John 12:34. As we have
looked at the answers to this question over the last four weeks we have seen many different aspects
about who Jesus was and is.
We have seen where Jesus is shown to be the Son of God, Lord of the church. We saw that He is
the Son of the living God. We also saw that Jesus is the one who came to earth to set us free from
sin and its punishment. We then saw that Jesus is the seeking Savior, he is the only one who is
qualified to forgive sins and bring us into a right relationship with the Father. And then last week
we saw that he is the exalted and glorified Lord and we see that He is the one who will soon return
in power and glory in Matthew 24. Today we will see the final answer to this question.
“Who is this Son of Man?” The final answer is found in John 5:25-27 where it says, “…He has
granted the Son to have life in Himself, and has given Him authority to execute judgment…” Jesus
is and will be the judge of all mankind. We also see another great commentary on this in Acts 17:31.
Hebrews reminds us that there is an appointed time that each of us will die and we must be ready
because each person will be judged.
We must also see that the Bible speaks about two different judgements. One is the great white
throne judgement (Rev. 20). This is where every unsaved person will be brought before Christ for
judgment. Also note, there will not be any Christians here. That has already been decided by them
putting their trust and faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.
The second judgement, known as the judgement seat of Christ, is where the Christian will be.
We see in 2 Corinthians 5:10, that every believer will be judged and then rewarded for the works
that they have performed while here on this earth, “whether good or bad.” Every Christian will be
present there, to be rewarded or to suffer loss, according to the life he has lived on the earth.
So, who is this Son of Man? He is Christ, the Son of the living God, the Lord of the Church; He
came from heaven to set us free, the only one qualified to forgive our sin. He is the exalted and
glorified Lord; He is the one who is shortly coming again, and to whom God has given all authority
to be the judge of all mankind.
When this time comes, will you be ready? Have you already prepared for eternity by trusting the
finished work of Christ on the cross for your sins? And, if you have, are you walking in that
forgiveness and freedom? If not, would you do so today?
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In Christ,
W. Dee Daniel, Pastor