Going Deeper with God Matthew 7:7-8

Going Deeper with God

Matthew 7:7-8

This week I want us to get back to some sense of normalcy by looking at God’s Word, not based on our current situation, but back to where we were before the emergence of this virus. I want to start looking with a question, “What is one of the most basic Christian disciplines that you need to develop in your life for everyday living?” I believe the answer is a stronger prayer life.

Starting today, and over the next three weeks, we will look at three commands that God gives us about prayer. Prayer is the basis for a growing and vibrant relationship with Christ. Prayer is something that we have had since our relationship with Christ began because it is through prayer that we actually entered into that relationship. But prayer is also one of those things that should never feel like we have enough of in our walk with the Lord. So the question you might be asking is, “How does a Christian pray and then see that prayer answered?” I think the answer to that comes in Matthew 7:7-8, “For everyone who asks receives, the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened” (NIV).

Every one of us has an area in our life that we need God to work in. Everything from anxiety and depression associated with this virus, to problems in your family, and to other personal issues. Everyone has needs, but how do we get God to work in specific areas in our lives?

In Matthew we see that the first thing that we must do is “ask.”  God will answer our prayers, but we must ask Him to do so.  In my years of ministry, I have seen that it is quite common for Christians to know about prayer, to study prayer, to memorize prayer verses, to read books about prayer, and still not believe that prayer makes any difference. I think that we prove we do not really believe what God says about prayer when we don’t actually pray. Prayer changes things in the physical and spiritual realm when we ask, and we should ask according to God’s guidelines that He lays out in His Word.

If you are like me, one of the things I find difficult about prayer is that the answer to my prayer is not immediate; it takes time before I see any results. I also have found, in my life, that I pray, but then I move on, almost forgetting what I have even prayed about. Therefore, I don’t live with anticipation or any expectation that God is really going to hear and answer my prayer.

James tells us in chapter four, verses two and three that we do not have answered prayer because we are not asking, and then when we do ask, we ask with an incorrect motive. When we pray, are we asking for personal motives so that we are the beneficiary, or are we praying and wanting the will of God to prevail?

We should begin to understand that we must pray, and when we pray, we must do so within the will of God. We must also understand that God is not going to go outside of His will to answer our requests. And when we do pray within His will, we can rest assured “You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!” (John 14:13-14, NLT).

As you and I follow the Lord and seek Him through our lives, one of the greatest privileges we have is prayer. We should be exercising it on a daily basis, praying within the will of God and then waiting in anticipation for God to answer our prayer within His will.

How is your prayer life? If you are like me, it can always improve.  The best way for it to improve is through practice. Will you take a few moments to just get alone with the Lord today in prayer? Talk to the Lord just like you would talk to anyone else. Ask Him His will, and then pray that His will be done in your current situation.

As we continue to go through these difficult times as churches, as a society, and as individuals, we can see God work among us. But it will only happen when we pray. If you need someone to pray with you about something, I would love for you to contact me and allow me the opportunity to do so. You can call First Baptist Church at (936) 254-2220, you can email us at firstbctimpson@yahoo.com or you can call me on my cell phone at (936) 332-0387 and I will pray for you over the phone.

In Christ,
Bro. W. Dee Daniel