Ramah News - 12/3/15

  Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We really do have a lot to be thankful for. Most the time we don't realize how much. It was another rainy Sunday morning but we had a crowd anyway. 
   We only had one birthday celebrated this week, that was one by Scooter Hughes. No anniversaries.
We took several people off our prayer list. These are the ones we added: Tanna Hairgrove, Sue Ann Roberson, Ricky Sherrod Family and Nicole Perry Families. Two of our ladies will be going back for
Chemo treatments this week. Ann Lampley will be finding out the details of her surgery this week.
Please be in prayer for these people.
    Bro Keith took his message from Proverbs 29:18. "Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." Most Christians have no understanding of visions which is spiritual direction. That is why God put certain people in our lives. We all learn from one another. Without spiritual direction, we perish. We need to see as God sees.
   Sunday night was our singing we have every 5th Sunday. We have a lot of talent at Ramah. We had a few visitors that sang. We're always glad to have Chad Christian, that boy has so much talent, he should be
singing for a living. Dan Husband brought his cousin, Betty Clark, originally from San Augustine. She blessed us with several songs. Ryan and Janna Keele did a couple of songs with friends they brought.We had our own, Shelia Hughes, and Mark & Stephenia Halton. Rhonda Samford sang and was accompanied by Jacob and C.J.with their instruments, Lich Pilkington did her version of John 3:16. We're always glad for Larry Terry to come play his fiddle for us, another talented guy. After all the singing we had food and fellowship, which is always good. We had some of the Covington's from Center with us, also our own Retha Mise.
   Since Thursday was Thanksgiving, we all had a day with our families. I was glad to have my son Eugene
home for a few days, also the grandkids from Nacogdoghes. Of course, the family here at home. We really don't give God enough thanks for what we have. If you don't think that you are blessed, just look around. There are those who don't have anyone to spent a holiday with or enough food to eat. So, let's thank God everyday for what he provides us with.