Ramah Baptist News

By Pat Bowden
  Our attendance was up for Sunday morning service. We started our new Sunday School quarter this week. Each lesson covers a book in the Bible starting with Genesis, The Beginnings.
    Our birthday people this week : Nancy Kellar and Judy Agnew. On our prayer list we added: Vonda Black, Mary Deshazo, Ann Masse, Alvin McDonald, Jennifer Bonner, Pam Crawford, Steve Addams Family, Florence Adams(she needs our prayers at a time like this. I know,, I've been where she is now)  Ann Lampley is about to start her chemo treatments and Marie Perry will be going to M.D. Anderson this week. Please help us pray for these ladies. We know prayer works. We have seen the evidence time after time.
    We had a special song by Sheila Hughes, "I'm Free." We are blessed to have her and her husband at Ramah. Bro Keith took his message Sunday morning from Hebrews  5:11. WHAT ARE WE BECOMING? (1) Are we becoming slow to hear? (2) Are we becoming foolish? Romans 21-23.(3) Matthew 13:22. Do we have evidence that we are sold out for Christ ? Are we becoming unfruitful. (4) Is he becoming our enemy? Are we afraid to tell the truth. Galatians 4:9, 12-16. (5) We are to become as a child. Matthew 18:3-7.
   Our youth leader has started a new program on Wednesday nights. There are teachers for each age group. This is good, so no one will be left out. Our youth have grown in number the last few months. We are proud of all of them.
    We have started a Discipleship Training on Sunday nights. This is for our new members, so they will know what to expect and what is expected of them. Also for the old members that are not up, on the principles and doctrines of the Baptist Church.
    Thursday, the Ramblers, or a few of us. Since James is so much better, Retha got to go with us this week. We decided to go to the Whistle Stop in Carthage. Got to visit with Vicky for a few minutes, they were so busy. We had our lunch paid for. It's nice to have friend in the right places. After lunch we stopped at a few places to look at plants. We came  back to Retha's to play our game, Vicky joined us there. We may have some ladies joining us later. We welcome anyone who wants to join us. We always have a good time.