Promises Found in the Old Testament: The Promise of Peace Through the Storms of Life – (Part 13 in series) Isaiah 26:3


Today, we begin to look at another promise from the Old Testament. The scripture that we will look
at for the basis for the next several weeks is Isaiah 26:3. In this Scripture we see the prophet Isaiah
speaking to God’s people saying, “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You,
because he trusts in You.”
One of the things that it seems so many people are searching for, but yet are not able to obtain is
true peace. If you look around the world, there seems to be less peace than there has ever been. If you
look at the lives of people, many are searching for peace in every way possible through drugs, alcohol,
sex, money, and yet they are more miserable than they have ever been.
Why? Because true peace cannot be found in things or stuff! True peace can only come through the
Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.
This promise given by God through Isaiah came in the darkest period of Israel’s history, yet it will be
a great help to you now when you are surrounded by so much gloom and depression. If you are like
most people, you feel that you are constantly threatened by the three enemies of doubt, fear, and worry.
When all is going well it is easy to read a promise like this in only a superficial way, but when
disappointment and trials come, these words become a precious lifeline straight from the Lord, straight
to your heart.
Understand, there is no promise in the Bible that suggests that here on earth you will ever
experience freedom from trouble, war, trial, temptation, anguish, loss, etc. But the great news is that
there is something far better that is promised: it is the promise of perfect peace in the midst of all that is
going on around you.
Just think for a moment; what value would freedom from these troubles be if you had no inward
peace? You see, it is possible, even in the fiercest battle, for you and I to trust the Lord and experience a
deep-down calm, an inward peace, and a quiet confidence just as the Bible describes.
Look at what we see in Isaiah 30:15, “For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: ‘In
returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.’”
Do you long to experience perfect peace? If so, that is what we will explore over the next few weeks
as we dive into this study, “The Promise of Peace through the Storms of Life.” Make sure and come back
each week as we will look at this peace.
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Bro. W Dee Daniel