Things to Consider 8/22/19

Greetings once again in the spirit of Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Today I wish to get us to consider several different aspects of everyday life that some have never imagined. First ask yourself what is my favorite food? Is it steak, bacon eggs, etc…? Which is it?

Here in East Texas

Feral hogs, squirrels and deer, oh my! The wooded landscapes of East Texas are filled with many species of wildlife. Feral hogs are an increasingly rampant issue in terms of land damages and property invasions, but a quieter, humbler animal is soon to steal the popularity crown.

Life’s Outtakes

 Our community has a moose problem. This time of year, moose start to move into our yards, eating fruit from our trees and vegetables in our gardens. Oh, they do it the rest of the year, too, but it is most prevalent in the fall.