According to countless frustrated spouses, men seem to suffer from an
irrational resistance to stopping to ask directions when lost in strange
territory. That this trait is shared by most, if not all men, and has proven so
resistant to the attempted behavior modifications and downright nagging of
so many women, suggests a genetic predisposition. I have discovered that
the reason is that men just don’t feel they are lost.

Promises Found in the Old Testament The Promise of Deliverance in Times of Trouble – (Part 11 in series) Isaiah 43:1-3

We continue studying the Old Testament promise that is found in Isaiah 43:1-3 (please read it
again) that we have looked at for the past two weeks. The first week we saw that this promise was
originally for Israel but by extension is for all believers.
We looked at how God addressed those who belong to Him. Then He describes that we are His in
three ways, all found in verse one: 1) we are His by creation, 2) we are His by redemption, 3) we are His

Every Veteran Has A Story - Royce Collum

United States Army, World War II – Killed In Action
381 ST Infantry Regiment – 96th Infantry Division
©By Larry Hume, VFW Post 8904, Center, Texas
Royce Cluster Collum and twin sister Loyce were born in the Spring of 1920,
March 22 in the small far east Texas town of Shelbyville, Shelby County,
Texas. Their parents Catherine Lela Lowery and Carl Otto Collum were

Things to Consider

Once again I bid all a heartfelt greeting in the spirit of Christ Jesus. This week I would like me and you to
consider a different approach concerning the proper use of God's word. I and my wife many times talk
about a certain subject, and that subject is the proper use of the English language such as the word me,
and just how many use it in the wrong content. This misuse such as I misused it in the first part of this